Thursday, April 06, 2006

The return of my Number One Fan

It's good to see my Number One Fan is back at it. I was getting bored of looking at the picture of Richard Nixon that was supposed to represent me in his previous panegyric. I'm more of an Teddy Roosevelt kind of guy.

Or is it Woodrow Wilson?

Or Aaron Burr?

Depends on my mood.

Besides, everyone who's anyone knows that my old pal The Manager is Richard Nixon!

Anyway, the latest from the Paul A. Kimball Appreciation Society, as run by Number One Fan, can be found here.

It's nice to be loved.

It's also nice to find someone who thinks 39 is still young. That made my day.

As for the rest, well, here's sincerely hoping Number One Fan and I are both still kicking on 1 January, 2013 - at which point I fully expect him, gentlemen that he is, to post a column somewhere that says, "hey - Paul Kimball was right, and I was wrong."

Anyone want to make any bets as to how that's going to work out?

Look at it this way - if Number One Fan is on the mark, you're all screwed (don't worry - ain't gonna happen). If I'm correct, well, party on, dudes, like it was 1999 (speaking of another pre-doomsday year that passed uneventfully).

I suspect that Number One Fan, grim pessimist that he is, secretly hopes that I'm right.

In the meanwhile, time to get back to fronting for the _____________________.

I'm sure Number One Fan will fill in the blank space - probably with 1,000 words where only one or two was really called for, but then I wouldn't have it any other way.

Paul Kimball

P.S. In the photo above, I''m the handsome "young" one on the left.


The Odd Emperor said...

Hey! I thought he was MY number one fan! Give him back!

The Odd Emperor

Paul Kimball said...


Oh, please, by all means, take him. Just make sure you have a butterfly net handy!