Friday, April 07, 2006

Fair Use for UFO Filmmakers

More and more people (judging by Tim Crawford's display at the Laughlin Conference) are making documentaries about UFOs, and related subjects (and everything else for that matter - docs are hot).

Here's a good resource for any budding UFO filmmakers out there, concerning "fair use" in documentaries. It's well worth a read, particularly if you haven't dealt with these concepts before. It's also a useful reference tool for "fair use" in general, including people with UFO blogs, websites, and the like.

Paul Kimball

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The Odd Emperor said...

I believe there is a caveat (at least in US law) where the intent of a web presentation changes what and how much is thought to be fair use. For example, a satirical web page could host a photo of say our esteemed Chairman Bush in a silly or embarrassing light where a publication so stating their information is truthful and factual might be called into question.

Thus is the difference between comedy and, well…. some of that other stuff.