Saturday, April 08, 2006

Kimball & Redfern - Alien Abduction Revealed!

I don't think Nick has told anyone... and I know I haven't told anyone... but I feel it is now time to reveal that he and I were abducted by aliens while in Puerto Rico last September!

Fortunately, the aliens were friendly, as was the boa constrictor (I wonder if the snake was somehow involved in the Villa Boas case??). The little alien was quite AFFAble, and said to say hello to the "boys topside". I'm not sure what he meant, exactly, but I presume it's some rap group, as he was quite fond of Eminem.

What really interested me was the potential religious implications of the encounter - as you can see, the father alien has a halo! Astonishing.

Nick tells me he's writing a book about the incident called "Body Snatchers in the Jungle".

Meanwhile, I'm working on a movie-of-the-week script.

I'm hoping Clive Owen agrees to play Nick, and Ewan McGregor takes on the role of a lifetime - me!

Coming soon, no doubt, to a bookstore and a mulitplex near you!

Paul Kimball

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