Friday, March 10, 2006

Stan the Man

Here's a nice photo of the legendary Stanton T. Friedman, who is most assuredly real.

He's currently off to a decent start in the "Greatest Ufologist Ever" poll, tied with Dr. Jim McDonald, who is Stan's pick, for third place.

He looks good in a hat!

Stan will be at the 2006 Aztec UFO Symposium later this month, in (where else) Aztec, New Mexico.

I'm sure he'll be the most entertaining speaker on the bill, because, agree or disagree with him, he puts on a great show!

If I've heard him once, I've heard him a dozen times (and that doesn't even begin to count the private conversations, and filmed interviews), and he's always interesting.

Paul Kimball


Don Maor said...

I would really like to be in such a speak of stan. He is sincerely awesome.

Mac said...

Never seen Friedman in a hat before. He *does* look good in it.

Don Maor said...

Oh! i have seen him with another hat indeed.

Paul Kimball said...


Nice photo. I had the pleasure of meeting and being interviewed by Pippin while at the Laughlin conference. Nice guy.


Anonymous said...

"No free degrees please."