Wednesday, March 08, 2006

February Poll Results

In the February "Other Side of Truth Poll" I asked the following question:

What has discredited the serious study of the UFO phenomenon the most?

Well, the results are in (a little late, as I was away at Laughlin when February ended), and here they are, in descending order (the poll chart can be seen at left):

The Contactee Movement - 55 votes, 35.48%

The Condon Report - 46 votes, 29.68%

Majestic-12 - 35 votes, 22.58%

Exopolitics - 18 votes, 11.61%

Frank Scully's "Behind the Flying Saucers" - 1 vote, 0.65%

I have to say that this comes as a bit of a surprise to me - I thought the Condon Report would have finished first, but I guess the negative impact of the Contactee Movement lives on. I think, were a run-off vote held, that the Contactee Movement would emerge as the clear winner, given that MJ-12 and Exopolitics bear a greater similarity to it than they do to the Condon Report (meaning that the majority of people who voted for those two options would likely vote for the Contactee Movement over the Condon Report).

Thanks to everyone who popped by and voted. It's an interesting result.

I'll have the March poll question up later today.

Paul Kimball

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