Monday, March 13, 2006

Best Evidence Poll

Here's your chance, loyal readers, to participate in the selection of the Top 10 UFO cases for our upcoming documentary, Best Evidence - Top 10 UFO Cases, which begins filming in April.

We have canvassed a large number of top ufologists to help develop the list so far, and now it's your turn to have a say.

You can vote for your top case here. I'll keep the poll open until the end of March.

There are, of course, many top UFO cases, so the 19 listed in the poll are just the tip of the iceberg. Feel free to check the "Other" category and leave a comment as to what case you would pick, and why (NOTE: You have to leave the comment here at the blog post, using the comments function - you cannot leave it on the poll itself. Ergo, you can check off "Other" as a poll result, but you must then leave the comment at the blog).

The selection of cases for the film is limited by the following minimum criteria:

i. Must have multiple witnesses (i.e., corroboration) – this could take the form of a single person who has a sighting that is corroborated by radar, for example, or by communication from an aircraft to ground control;

ii. Anonymous witness testimony is not acceptable;

iii. The objects must have been observed at some point in the air (they are “unidentified flying objects” after all).

Keep these criteria in mind, and then register your vote. Feel free to link to the poll at your own site, and spread word of it around to friends and colleagues. The more people participating, the better. I'll factor the results in when we determine the final top 10 list for the film, assigning it a weight equivalent to one of our ufological experts.

Paul Kimball


Mac said...

Cash-Landrum most certainly occurred, although I strongly suspect the UFO was one of ours.

Anonymous said...

Fatima 1917

Anonymous said...

Uh, gee--no Roswell?

Anonymous said...

Also, you may be introducing some bias to the results by listing both the cases you note, and in the prior poll, on top ten ufologists, by what I would guess are the order, from top to bottom, of your own preferences. To be taken even semi-seriously, perhaps you should make the ordering of your poll selections alphabetical in nature. Or some such schema.

S-A X.9

Mike said...

For me, this is a no brainer.

The Hudson Valley sightings of
the early 1980s.

In March of 92, Ed Komarek and I
had an educational display on UFOs
at the White House ellipse. One of
our visitors was an uniformed Secret Service agent who told me
about witnessing a massive craft with an awesome display of lights on it. (In the Hudson Valley.)
Fortunately, I had a printout of Jerry Clark's OMNI magazine article
describing the 10 most impressive case of the 80's. I gave it to the agent, showing him where it described the Hudson Valley sightings. (He returned to his station on the White House grounds and appeared to be showing a piece of paper to President Bush, #41. Bush was out on the grounds walking two dogs at the time.)

Paul Kimball said...


Actually, I drew te order of the names out of a hat.


Anonymous said...

How about Kecksburg, PA?


Anonymous said...

Lonnie Zamora - Socorro, N.M 1964.

Anonymous said...

The Battle of LA

US ground forces try to shoot down UFO formation over Los Angeles. Look it up.

Anonymous said...

I chose Valentich though Cash Landrum would have also been a good choice. Really, all of those are excellent cases.

Don Maor said...

¿Is there a website wich explain the Battle of L.A case ?

Don Maor said...

i mean a good one

Paul Kimball said...



I don't think it was a UFO event at all.


Anonymous said...

they attack but still can't duplicate swiss farmer / contactee billy meier's photos or films - the clearest ever taken! and where are betty and barney hill, and her star map? both of these cases cite beings from beta reticuli - returning in 2012, the same date mentioned by the aztecs, incans, sumarians, egyptians and others!

Anonymous said...

Rendlesham Forest