Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Redstar News - Greg Bishop in Halifax for Fields of Fear Interview

Greg Bishop, paranormal author / researcher / radio impressario (seen at left with alien explorer Rear Admiral Zorgrot) arrives here in Halifax later this evening for a short two day visit to do an interview with me for the documentary Fields of Fear (ahh... the last piece of a very long puzzle finally falls into place). Greg will be talking about the possible government disinformation / experiment angle to cattle mutilations. You can check out his website, The Excluded Middle, here.

Greg and I had a chance to meet in person and chat while we were in Laughlin back in February. I'm looking forward to seeing him again, and introducing him to Nova Scotia cuisine (which means a free meal for me on the company credit card!).

By the way, Greg's radio program, Radio Misterioso, is well worth a listen. It's about as no-frills as community radio can get, but Greg plays a very interesting, eclectic mix of music that you won't hear anywhere else, along with the guests that he has on to chat about paranormal subjects, most often UFOs. If you check out the archives, you can find a classic interview with Bill Moore, where, at one point, Greg has to step away from the microphone to answer the phone (like I said, no-frills), which left Moore in charge! You can almost hear him thinking "Bwahahahaha!!!"

Radio Misterioso airs Sunday evenings from 8 pm to 10 pm, PST.

Paul Kimball


William said...

I'll give Greg's show a listen. I'm always on the lookout for good music and talk radio to listen to while working at the computer.

BTW, the Moseley book is a good read but I don't think I could ever trust the guy if I met him in "real life". Scamming Peruvian relics for fun and profit and hoaxing saucer landings all make for good stories but is pretty anti-social behavior. Still, I have to admit that the book is both entertaining and informative!


Paul Kimball said...


Oh, don't be so hard on Jim - I think we've all pulled a few scams in our younger years, or maybe did things that we wouldn't want to impinge on out reputation later in life.

Besides, Moseley's scams were done to serve a greater good. i.e. exposing real scam artists like Adamski. That's just fine in my books - indeed, it should be applauded, in the same way the police putting the sting on criminals should be applauded.