Thursday, April 06, 2006

Laughlin Photo Album - Vol. III

A photo of Rear Admiral Zorgrot on tour southeast of Laughlin, exploring what's left of Route 66.

"These old highways - which aren't really that high - are much more fun than those Interstates," he said to me as we climbed through the mountains.

I just looked at him, and then over the edge of a 500 foot drop around a hairpin turn where there was no guardrail (not that it would have done much good), and replied, "uh huh... easy for you to say."

His response?

"Can't you go any faster, you 'fraidy-zarg?"

Sigh... tact is not his strong suit.

Still, I guess for a creature that's used to traveling faster than the speed of light, climbing around hairpin turns at 5 to 10 mph can seem a bit... slow.

For me, it just seems like common sense.

Paul Kimball

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