Friday, March 17, 2006

Pentagon Looks at Creating Cyber-Insect Army

According to the BBC, the Pentagon is looking into the creation of an army of cyber-insects that can be remotely controlled to check out explosives (and, perhaps, to deliver them?) and send transmissions. You can read the full article here.

Apparently, the idea is to insert micro-systems at the pupa stage, when the insects can integrate them into their body, so they can be remotely controlled later.

Umm... am I the only one who thinks this is both wrong and dangerous?

Remember the "slippery slope" is always a pretty good guide with stuff like this (the "thin edge of the wedge" works well too).

Today, insects... tomorrow, humans.

Really, if we can figure out a way to create cyber insect soldiers, can the creation of cyber human soldiers be far behind?

At which point, Kurt Russell's role in the 1998 flick Soldier will start to look more like science fact than science fiction.

There are just some things that I don't think we're ready to be messing around with, and this is one of them.

Two words for you, people - Cylons. CYLONS!

Besides, it creeps me out. Normal bugs are bad enough - I don't need cybernetically altered / enhanced / mutated bugs flying around.

It's morally wrong, scientifically questionable, and, well... just plain ICKY!

Paul Kimball


Mac said...

Quick correction: Russell's movie is "Soldier," not "Universal Soldier."

MKJessup said...

Paul - as a filmmaker, this has got to have your creative juices flowing. I mean, the subject has Michael Crichton screenplay written all over it.

What if you could drop a small army of fire ants in Teheran and have them do a little number on that fiesty President of theirs?

Actually, these robo-insects would just be the latest in a long series of efforts by humans to develop purpose-bred animals. Are they any better or worse than those bizarre dogs that turn up these days at the big dog shows?

Paul Kimball said...


Thanks for the corrective. Don't know how I made that error!


Have you ever encountered fire ants?? Nasty little bastards. Ick!! I have to admit, however, that they would make an excellent gift for the President of Iran. My guess is that when he figured out what they were (preferably after they had delivered a fatal number of bites), he would attempt to get away, screaming "I ran, I ran so far away." Then he drops dead, to have his eyes plucked out by a flock of seagulls.



Paul Kimball said...


A further note - mock not the big dog shows, in any way, shape or form! My fiance and I are huge fans of Westminster, and Christopher Guest has already skewered the dog show circuit in "Best in Show", a hilarious film (see: