Monday, March 27, 2006

Betty Hill vs. the Psychics!

Dr. J. Allen Hynek wasn't the only celebrity of ufology to appear on CBC's Beyond Reason panel quiz show back in the late 1970s. On November 21, 1978, Betty Hill, the original abductee, went head-to-head against the psychic panel, with interesting results (as was the case with Hynek). You can view the program on-line at the CBC Archives.

My favourite moment comes when astrologer Geoff Gray-Cobb says "you enjoy helping the underprivileged, says Uranus". It is a Bart Simpson calls Moe's Bar moment!

To be fair to Gray-Cobb, however, he also states that the astrological chart says: "Here we have some peculiar form of travelling - can we connect an odd vehicle with you?"

Spooky, especially when you see who got Hill's identity right in the end.

Paul Kimball

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