Tuesday, March 28, 2006

April Poll - Prelude I

The Other Side of Truth polls for February and March were decidedly serious (final results from the March poll in a couple of days - there's still time to vote). However, my personal motto is "all work and no play makes Paul a dull guy" (well, there's also the personal motto about the hookers and beer while watching a hockey game, but that's another story), so the April poll won't be quite so ufologically oriented, although it will have a sci-fi theme... sort of.

However, as a prelude to the poll, I have to provide some visual options. I won't tell you what the poll is just yet, but these photos may give you some clue.

At left is a combined photo of After the Martian Apocalypse author, sci-fi guru and Posthuman Blues blogger Mac Tonnies, one of my Internet chums (in his best "I want to be a Borg pose"), and actress Gillian Anderson, of "Agent Scully" fame.

What does this portend?

Stay tuned.

Paul Kimball

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