Thursday, August 14, 2014

Real Research - The Canadian UFO Survey

The Canadian UFO Survey was released today, which covers the past 25 years here in the Great White North. No, it doesn't prove that aliens (or inter-dimensionals or anything else really weird) are coming to Earth. It isn't "sexy" like that, which means that you won't see many UFO blogs and websites posting about it, because it won't increase traffic for them (word to the wise - a blog or website that doesn't reference this study isn't serious about the UFO phenomenon. In that sense, it will serve as a good way for folks to tell whether a site is really worth visiting). And no, it almost certainly won't be the subject of a television documentary (which is a good thing, judging by the quality of UFO-related programming put out these days, like the execrable Hanger 1 and Chasing UFOs). But what it does represent is real research and data collection, which makes it far more worthwhile than any Citizens Hearing on Disclosure or "Roswell slides" or "Dream Team." Kudos to Chris Rutkowski and his colleagues for their hard work.

Paul Kimball

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