Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Greg Bishop - Cattle Mutilation investigations

In this clip from an interview I conducted with Greg Bishop in 2005, he discusses the investigation of alleged cattle mutilations, and how many "researchers" ignore the possibility of human involvement because they are wedded to an extraterrestrial / UFO explanation.

Paul Kimball


Kandinsky said...

Hiya Paul. It's doubtful we'll know in our lifetimes what triggered the incidents of 'cattle mutilation.'

Biopsies and top-end technology would have automatically generated media suspicions of official activity if it wasn't for the cacophony of independent researchers going straight to 'aliens' as the explanation. 'Aliens' wasn't even enough, it had to be 'evil aliens' and a back-story that was high on imagination and low on rational narrative.

Whatever happened to justify the activities was possibly high on a national security scale. Some rocks are best left alone.

Incidentally, I read your book last week and enjoyed it. Unsurprisingly, because I've listened to all the podcasts with you and the guys, a lot of the substance was already familiar. That's not a criticism of you or the book as some of the accounts worked well in person and others more thoughtful in print.

Paul Kimball said...

Hi Kandinsky,

I still think it can all be explained by a range of purely natural things, mostly related to scavengers. But I'm always happy to give people with other points of view a say... well, so long as they're good pals like Greg!

Glad you enjoyed the book. Thanks for the contribution to the Paul Kimball retirement fund!!