Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Ghost Cases - The Case of the Baby in the Basement

Here is the complete episode for the Case of the Baby in the Basement from the television series Ghost Cases, which I co-hosted with my friend Holly Stevens. I also co-produced, co-wrote and co-directed the series.

Paul Kimball


Janet said...

Fantastic Paul. You and Holly make an amazing team. It almost seems like you're a couple in the third segment especially, kind of a Mulder and Scully vibe.

Did you guys ever follow up with the people that lived there, or the psychic?

tinyjunco said...

interesting case, coupla questions - what was the sources of the info re: the house moving, the lady getting pushed down the stairs & having 11 troubled pregnancies, anyone likely (age, etc.) to have born/buried an unwanted child, etc. - were you able to do any research to try and verify?

sounds like most of the haunting consisted of creepy feelings, which as a clairsentient myself i don't poohpooh, but were there any other symptoms (visions, voices from nowhere, smells, etc.)?

& Paul, if you can't hang with a door opening on it's own in a spidery basement, maybe you aren't cut out for this type of work! ;)

Paul Kimball said...

Re: being pushed down the stairs, that happened to the residents of the house, repeatedly. I never saw it happen, so like any witness account, I had to take their word for it. But there's no question that both women were afraid of the basement; either that, or they were top notch actors hiding out in rural Nova Scotia.

The house had indeed been moved. It had once been a local "liquor shack", where moonshine was sold. Not an uncommon thing in the Maritimes in years past, I can assure you!

As for the other details, that was beyond our remit, so no, there was no supplementary research. We went there to shoot an episode of a TV series, which is what we did, and try to have our own experiences, which also happened.


P.S. I never claimed to be a particularly intrepid ghost investigator - but that's the authentic nature of our series! ;-)

tinyjunco said...

hi Paul, thank you for the additional info - i understand limited time/resources, it applies in more areas of life than i would like!

how did you verify the house was moved? just curious. and if people were getting pushed down stairs i BET they were scared sh7tless!

hmm, i often wonder in these types of cases if some training/guidance on how to become less susceptible/open to stray emotional/thought energy mite be helpful - give 'em the last few chapters of psychic self defense, maybe! anyways, thank you again, steph