Monday, March 21, 2011

Carol Rainey, The Alien Abduction Cult & Ufology

There is an orchestrated campaign at the moment of personal attacks and propaganda which goes far beyond the level of reasonable criticism against filmmaker Carol Rainey, who has spoken out about the activities of Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs and other "abduction researchers". I recently pointed out one egregious example, "Archie Bedford", who lied about Rainey on the message forum of The Paracast (with the full support of the show's owner).

This is what cult members do - criticize their gurus, and they will spare no effort to attack you, not on the facts, but on your person.

UFO researchers often decry similar tactics by those they label "debunkers" (and indeed, Phil Klass had a well-deserved reputation for making these kinds of attacks). It's just as bad, however, when people do the same thing in support of people with whom you agree.

And yet, in the comments section of the video above, we see approving remarks by a poster who uses the handle "kruggutter", who in reality is Sean F. Meers, a person whose 166 page "rebuttal" to Rainey's work has been met with praise at The Paracast and even UFO Updates. And then there are videos like this:

Presumably Meers endorses these even more inflammatory videos made about Rainey, as they all seem to be part of the same gang - the poster of the video above comments on the one below, endorsing it as follows: "Hhaahahahahahahah that Witch!".

One can disagree with Ms. Rainey; indeed, it is even fair game to question her motivations (as it is for any filmmaker). But there is a right way to do it, and a wrong way to do it, and what we see in the above examples is the wrong way. It is shameful behaviour, and it has no place in a civil society that values reasonable and rational discourse. Sadly, however, it is all too typical of "ufology", a "field" that has far more in common with the likes of Phil Klass than it will ever admit, or even realize.

Paul Kimball


Anonymous said...

I have a sneaky suspicion that Budd Hopkins knows the vile smear campaign against Carol Rainey. Let's not forget he got right into it against Emma Woods in her expose of David Jacobs. He attack Woods and some would characterize his attacks as lies (that Woods sent Hopkins reems of unsoliticed paperwork ect. and other exaggerations - inferring she's some kind of stalker).

And Hopkins is connected to Katharina 'Kay' Wilson, the self-proclaimed Ambassador for some alien species (God help us!) who put out the eulogy-like comments, which contained many attacks on Rainey, from Hopkins admirers on her wacky website.

Misguided people like Kruggutter aka Sean Meers and his underling buddies are being used to attack Rainey and Rainey supporters -- making a positive comment on Rainey's youtube video can result in being spammed on your own youtube page with profanity-laced insults by these viscious men. I've been a recipient and if anyone else has, make sure to save the messages and contact Youtube.

Chris said...

Whether or not the cases are true, I think they tell something about our culture. Whether debunked or verified.

Terry the Censor said...

"cult" is the right word. It's all about protecting the leader and his special message.

I'm just finishing Interrupted Journey. My, how things have changed. The Hills told their story their way to skeptical though understanding professionals (Dr. Simon ably cross-examined the Hills about discrepencies while relieving their anxiety about their experience). Now, abductees seek out the investigator who will tell them what they want to hear -- the more terrifying the better -- and the investigator delivers.

Anonymous said...

I would laugh at these so-called "published authors" and their "research" if the defense of recovered memories/Budd Hopkins/David Jacobs wasn't so vitriolic and sad. Putting one's writings on the internet is not "scientific publishing", and personal anecdotes from the internet are not evidence of anything except, perhaps, too much time on one's hands. Never are there any mentions of actual memory research, research on the possible connection between personality disorders and "abduction experiencers", or research on the unreliability of hypnosis. It seems to me that it is easier for some people to rely on pseudoscience than to actually go to a library and look up actual research done by people who are well-versed in the scientific method. But that might be too much work. I don't see a lot of rational discourse within the "UFO community" (whatever that is), and whenever any is attempted there comes a barrage of personal attacks. You're quite right, it is shameful.

Ron S. said...

I've had the great misfortune to have read many comments by Meers on The Paracast. To believe alien abductions are real are one thing. To believe a flying saucer has hovered over a city with 8.4 million people and sucked a woman out of her high rise apartment building MULTIPLE times and NOT ONE camera captured the event is ludicrous.

Meers rubs myself and everyone else the wrong way with his obnoxious posts. And then he offers 300 links of nonsense to go through to "prove" Linda is telling the truth.