Monday, January 31, 2011

Best Evidence: Top 10 UFO Sightings - Yukon (1996) and Shag Harbour (1967)

Here are the last two cases to be uploaded to YouTube from Best Evidence: Top 10 UFO sightings - both from Canada.

# 8 - 1996 Yukon multiple witness sighting

# 6 - The 1967 Shag Harbour incident

A note about the Shag Harbour segment - the portrayal in the film extends beyond what is officially known and reported, and includes references to anonymous testimony given to researchers about what happened after the initial incident, as related to the Navy's efforts. This aspect of the case remains highly controversial, to say the least. I made the editorial decision to include it in the narrative because it's part of the story, and I trust the accounts relayed to me by key researchers, while not necessarily accepting the information contained within as legitimate. As with almost any UFO case, however, there is the official story... and then there always seems to be an "unofficial" story. Sometimes those turn out to be accurate (the RB47 case, for example), and sometimes they don't. With the Shag Harbour case, research continues.

Paul Kimball


cmp said...

I haven't seen this shown on British TV yet which is a surprise because it's really well made.

Paul Kimball said...

Thanks. We don't have a distributor, so it makes it hard to get it into other TV markets. It broadcast here in Canada, and later in New Zealand.