Monday, September 06, 2010

Ghost Cases - UK production stills

Here are some photos from my week in England investigating four locations with Holly Stevens and my friends from the UPIA for Ghost Cases.

Dave Sadler and Steve Mera of the UPIA, outside the White Hart Hotel, in Uttoxeter:

Yours truly and Aaron Gowlett, our cameraman, setting up a shot at the Bridestones, near Congleton:

Holly, Aaron and I after the shoot at the Bridestones:

Holly, yours truly, and Dave Sadler at the Bridestones:

The Lion and Swan Hotel in Congleton:

Steve Mera, yours truly and Dave Sadler discuss our plan of action for the investigation at St. Edith's church, Shocklach:

Steve Mera, cameraman Aaron Gowlett, soundman Dale Ryan Leckie, and Holly, at the White Hart:

Holly at the White Hart:

Holly at the Bridestones:

Steve Mera and Dave Sadler at St. Edith's church:

Holly and I at the Bridestones:

I had a great time working with Dave, Steve and the rest of the crew from the UPIA, and of course my former partner-in-crime Holly, at some truly historic and fascinating locations.

Paul Kimball

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Steve said...

Excellent Piccys. Love to do it all again.