Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Cryptoterrestrials are coming!!

Mac's eagerly awaited final book, The Cryptoterrestrials, is now available.

I remember when he first started to think about putting his ideas with regards to indigenous humanoids into book form. He asked me what I thought (we were traveling in California at the time). I told him that I didn't really buy the hypothesis, but I would buy the book, and keep an open mind.

He smiled, and said he didn't really buy the hypothesis either - that was what believers did. He just wanted to start a discussion, bandy some interesting ideas about, look at things in a different way, and see where it went.

From author John Shirley:
"The Cryptoterrestrials is the most refreshing speculation on the paranormal I've seen in ages. The ideas in this book will be harvested by science-fiction writers and TV shows like Fringe for decades. Even skeptics will have a great time reading this well written book of wild conjecture. Mac Tonnies' final Fortean landmark is the Book of the Damned for the 21st century. Fans of the paranormal: be there or be square.”
Mac understood that it was the journey that mattered, not the destination. I look forward to taking one final trip with him and his cryptoterrestrial friends!

Paul Kimball

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NickJones said...

I'll be buying this when it comes out. As with Jacques Vallee and John Keel, I tend to favor the Cryptoterrestrial Hypothesis, and with Vallee, that this has been taking place for a very long time.

R.I.P., Mac.