Thursday, February 25, 2010

The 2009 Zorgy Awards - Voting Begins

Hi folks. Better late than never with the 2009 Zorgy Awards.

As with the 2008 awards, the nominations have been decided by Zorgy and I, but the choices are all yours.

Voting begins... now!

The polls will close on March 7, 2010, at 10 pm AST.

Top Paranormal Researcher
Nick Redfern
Christopher O'Brien
Robert Hastings
Anthony Bragalia
Mac Tonnies
Peter Robbins
Loren Coleman
Greg Bishop
Nick Pope
Kevin Randle
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Top Paranormal Blog
UFO Mystic
Posthuman Blues
The UFO Iconoclasts
A Different Perspective
The Orange Orb
Strange State
De Void
UFO Media Matters
Robert Barrow
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Top Paranormal News Service
The Debris Field
The Daily Grail
The Anomalist
UFO Digest
Fortean Times
Book of Thoth
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Top Paranormal Podcast
Binnall of America
The Joiner Report
The Paracast
Through the Keyhole
Radio Misterioso
Dark Matters Radio
The Kevin Smith Show
Black Vault Radio
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Top Paranormal Television Show
Ghost Hunters
UFO Hunters
Most Haunted
Ghost Hunters International
Rescue Mediums
Ghost Cases
Ghost Lab
The Haunted
The Othersiders
Paranormal State
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Top Discussion Forum
Book of Thoth
Above Top Secret
UFO Evolution
The Paracast
Department 47
The Black Vault
SyFy Forums - Ghost Hunters
SyFy Forums - UFO Hunters
The Bigfoot Forums
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Good luck to everyone!

Paul Kimball (and Vice Admiral Zorgrot)


LesleyinNM said...

No comments? How could people not comment?

I will comment - vote for The Debris Field as best news site! You know you want to!

Vote for BoA: Audio as best podcast! Once again, you know that you want to!

UFO Mystic isn't just guys, there is also me, so vote for it too! That is not to say that I don't love others that are nominated - I have a hard time deciding too.

On a more serious note - did Dark Matters even have any episodes in 2009? I think not, all the more reason you should vote for BoA!

Disclaimer: The proceeding may be slightly prejudice, but it is done with love.

Jeremy Vaeni said...

"On a more serious note - did Dark Matters even have any episodes in 2009? I think not, all the more reason you should vote for BoA!"

Ssssssh.... Lesley. Them's fightin' words. Kimball may pay your website a visit just to attack you for questioning this like he did me. With any bit of luck he'll come up with a zinger to sting me with here too.

Don Ecker said...

Well Lesley, if you visited The Paracast, the top rated Forum around, you would know that Dark Matters Radio posted a "ton" of podcasts in 2009.

And for all you who voted for Dark Matters Radio ... THANK YOU!! And for all you that haven't voted yet ... Vote for Dark Matters Radio ... YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!!! :)


Loren Coleman said...

Thank you, Paul, for your kind nomination. I appreciate it. Once again, I am thankful that people care enough about the research and writing I do to clicking my name, in a group of choices that is overflowing with talent. Thanks to all my fans, friends, and foes for the votes.

As to all the other selections, again, the choices are overwhelming.

I liked seeing The Anomalist get a nod, as they do little to promote themselves, despite having done what they've done for over a decade. Lesley's a great person, and I have voted for her in the past. This year I went with TA, to celebrate their hard work, for such a long time.

I think next year, Paul, you should have a write-in, so we could pen this blog in somewhere.

Opening Day is soon, and life begins anew!

Anonymous said...

Maybe next year Paul could include Unexplained Mysteries in the Discussion Forums list?

Unknown said...

DARK MATTER may not have been there last year BUT THEY HAVE BEEN AROUND FOR A LONG TIME AND I STILL LISTEN TO SOME OF THE BEST IN THE BIZ...DON ECKER, So you are intitled to your oppinion but

Hetzer said...

The main man here is Loren Coleman. In my thoughts as well as millions of others, Coleman is the man that makes Cryptozoology legitimate.

In a science that is taken lightly or not at all, no one can dispute what Loren has brought to this fringe of believability and turned into something real.

There may be others out there with equal credentials, but if I want the rational about any type of anomalous creature, before I go anywhere else, I want to see what Loren Coleman says about it first.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised that abovetopsecret hasn't received more votes on the forum vote. It's one, if not, of the best sites on the web.

Anonymous said...

Given the choices I gotta go with BoA hands down! Angelia Joiner with The Joiner Report and Karyn Dolan with Through the Keyhole are definitely a close second, however IMHO. Sadly missing from the lists, however, both in the Researcher and Show categories are Joe Montaldo, and UFO Undercover. Again, IMHO, there isn't a harder working individual in the field; both in spreading the TRUTH, and unafraid to ruffle feathers if needed. He may not always tow the party line, so to speak, but he's a straight shooter, and worthy to be on the list.

Jerry, Youngstown, OH
"Dyslexics are teople poo!"

Mark Baard said...

Hi guys,

Great list! I voted for Tim Binnall's podcast, and for Loren Coleman as top researcher.

Tough field, though! Many greats, such as Nick Redfern, here, as well. I also learned about many new people and sites, thanks to these nominations.

I can also see how badly everyone misses Mac Tonnies.



Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Where is Tom Biscardi on this list? j/k Keep up the good work Loren. I look forward to the stories/images you put up for us on cryptomundo to check out without any bias ahead of time. It's appreciated.

Dave Sadler said...

Why aint I on Best Paranormal researcher :-)

Bowers said...

BoA ftw!

Gummerfan said...

And it appears Gummerfan's Monster Hunter HQ, and it's humble creator remain unnoticed...
I don't get no respect!