Saturday, June 07, 2008

B-Movie Aliens, Vol. I

I love B-movies sci-fi, particularly the ones that involve aliens and beautiful women. One of my favourites is Roger Corman's 1988 remake of Not of This Earth, which starred former porn queen Traci Lords.

The plot was pretty simple - space alien vampire guy comes to Earth, kills people to get blood to sustain his planet. At one point, in my favourite scene, a stripper comes to his house by mistake (she had been hired to deliver a "stripogram"), and he hypnotizes her - after she disrobes, naturally - and sends her through a transdimensional portal that kills her. Classic!

Lords plays the space vampires nurse, who gives him regular blood transfusions! Here's a brief clip...

Stupid space vampire - he has the power to hypnotize Lords, and get her to do anything he wants, and he's just going to send her back to his world for her blood. No wonder his planet is dying - it's obviously populated by idiots!

Paul Kimball

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