Friday, August 12, 2005

More Reaction to the Death of Phil Klass

Reaction to the death of Phil Klass continues at UFO Updates. Two of the best come from longtime ufologists Dr. Bruce Maccabee and Brad Sparks, and can be found at:



Brad, after describing his disagreements with Klass over the years, writes:

"Phil Klass was my friend and colleague despite our many disagreements and sometimes caustic commentary, which stemmed from his frustration with the gullibility and stupidity he continually encountered in the UFO field. He kept the UFO community on its toes and provided a much-needed reality check (sometimes a bit of"unreality" though with some of his explanations). He will be greatly missed. "

Bruce puts Klass in proper perspective:

"As for me I will miss him... not... well, a little, anyway. Although he seemed in person to be a nice guy, and no doubt he was in matters NON-ufological, he was, at the least, an irritant. And if he could stick the knife in and turn it a little... he did. Yet, I thank him for my education in UFO invetigation. Without his continual prodding when I was investigating Trent and New Zealand I wouldn't have become as effective in acting like a "lawyer for the defense." So, Phil, here's a salute, bon voyage, and hope you now know what UFOs are all about."

Klass had a sense of humour as well. Check out:

Paul Kimball

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