Saturday, August 20, 2005

Canadian M.P. Calls for Public Investigation of UFO Phenomenon

Statement by NDP Member of Parliament Hon. William Dean Howe (Hamilton South):

"There have been reports of U.F.O.'s in Canada for years, as there have been in every country. It has been, and still is, customary to subject reporters of these objects to every sort of ridicule and humiliation. However, I believe that it is long past the point when we can safely assume that every one of these people is drunk, neurotic, or just lying. Most reports come from people of good reputation, whose testimony would be accepted without question under any other circumstances.

I wish to make clear that I do not support either side of the U.F.O. issue. There is not enough evidence to conclude that flying saucers exist, but there is too much unexplained evidence to ignore. It is my contention that the Canadian government should direct an appropriate department to conduct a continuing investigation into all reports. I believe a climate should be created in which Canadians can report what they see without fear of ridicule. The conclusions of these investigations should be published regularly. Most sightings can be shown to be naturally caused, but I suspect that even proof of visits from outer space would be more reassuring to the public than Canada's present attitide of ignoring them in hopes that they will go away."

The good news?

That a Member of Parliament would make such a statement.

The bad news?

It happened thirty-nine years ago, on 21 April, 1966 - even though the statement could have been made yesterday, because, in the years since, almost nothing has changed.

[See House of Commons Debates, First Session, Twenty Seventh Parliament, 15 Elizabeth II, Volume IV, 1966, p. 4149]

Which leaves us with two questions:

1. Why?

2. Where is the William Dean Howe of 2005?

To be continued...

Paul Kimball


Mac said...

Damn, Paul! I was getting excited reading that; the disclaimer came as a pronounced disappointment ...

Where is the William Dean Howe of 2005?

A very good question.

Paul Kimball said...


That's the whole point of the disclaimer - all Canadians (and Americans) should be disappointed, and ufologists should be asking some pretty hard questions as to why things are the way they are.