Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Dear Dr. Greer - where's my $300?

Just over two years ago, Disclosure guru Dr. Steven Greer made some wacky claims that he and others were involved in some very hush-hush work on free energy systems, and that the world would hear about it soon. A transcript of those claims can be found at:


My original response to his comments can be found at:


The thread on Updates went on for a couple of more days, and finally I decided to flush out the grouse, a practise we in Canada call "putting your money where your mouth is". So, I bet $100 (at VERY generous 3 to 1 odds) that no such announcement would be forthcoming anytime soon, ie. within a year. See:


A year passed, and nothing. Well, I thought, perhaps my definition of "soon" is different than the good doctor's, so I extended (in my own mind) the deadline by another year. That year has now passed. No word on a free energy breakthrough. "Soon" can only be stretched so far...

So, to Dr. Greer, I can only say...

"Where's my $300??"

Of course, Dr. Greer never took my bet. Why would he? It's all hooey (for those so inclined, you can check out the "hooey" at www.seaspower.com).

I just wish he had. I can always use the money - it would help fund my next trip to Vegas, a very worthy cause, let me assure you.

It would also be nice to see him have to shell some out for a change, as opposed to raking it in off of the gullible ranks of the "Disclosure Brigades".

Oh well - maybe I'll try Lotto 649.

As long as they are, the odds there are probably better than those you get betting on Dr. Greer.

Paul Kimball


RRRGroup said...

Way to go Paul!

This is how to do it: call out those bastards who waste everyone's time and dash hopes eventually because they can't produce....anything.

We're all "waiting for Godot" but he never comes.

Rich Reynolds

Paul Kimball said...



Is he one of Billy Meier's Pleaidians, or one of Scully's Venusians? Or is he a grey, or a reptile, or... perhaps someone from a race as yet unknown by Dr. Salla et al???

What are you hiding!?

For whom are you working???!!!

Paul :-)