Friday, October 30, 2015

Victimizing the Victims

It should probably come as no surprise that "researchers" like Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs attract unsavory supporters / defenders, but Sean Meers takes the proverbial cake. Here he is threatening Emma Woods earlier this evening on the Paracast forums, where he goes by the handle "kruggutter":

A thug like Meers continues to have free rein at the Paracast forums (and elsewhere), where he threatens Emma Woods with further victimization, long after she was banned. 

Ufology in a nutshell.

Paul Kimball


erickson said...

By the time it got to the quoted exchange the thread had run its course. But it did put other Kruttegar posts into perspective, including that Emma and her supporters had been gang stalking Jacobs. You did not make the initial list (that included Jack Brewer, Tyler Kokjohn, Regan Lee), but perhaps that would be different now. It seemed there was some history there that I don't need to find out.

In addition to this, there were some remarkable posts by others that blamed the victim. That was particularly disturbing to me. Gene was critical of Jacobs methods - including implanting a "diagnosis" of multiple personality disorder under hypnosis to deflect the hybrids - but somehow asserted that Emma had agreed to this and could have stopped it at any time: "that she didn't is very troubling". I tried to pin him down about where she agreed to hypnotic suggestions of MPD, but the most I could get was that I had missed a few unspecified "obvious" things in the pre-session material that Jacobs released and Jacobs' intent was good even if the idea was misguided.

The idea that a vulnerable person who had already been subject to numerous hypnotic sessions could have simply said "no" to a hypnotic procedure she did not anticipate was shocking. As I wrote there, the implications of that for any kind of relationshiip, whether therapeutic or personal, are staggering.

Given the posts that blamed Emma for not stopping Jacobs, described a stalking campaign against Jacobs, and threaten to release personal information, Emma's courage in coming forth is all the more remarkable

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting about this Paul. I think that Dr. Jacobs and Sean Meers are really stooping low at this point. It even surprised me.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, erickson.

Gene Steinberg consistently says that I agreed to the MPD suggestions, but obviously has not even bothered to check the transcript. If he had, he would see that I was never even told it was going to happen, let alone agreed to it.

What a lot of Dr. Jacobs's supporters seem to miss is that even if I had agreed to it, it would not have made it right, and would not have excused him from doing such a damaging thing.

Loki said...

OT, Pauldur:
posted at RR's:

OT RE: Big enigmas?:

“Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action”

― Ian Fleming


CUFOS creates Roswellmania via CUFOS Board member Don Schmitt (with his naive sidekick Randle)(Goofy Carey in the mix too!):


CUFOS home TV network WGN promotes clumsy hoaxer "Adam Dew"'s dopey Alien Slides crapfest ( AND (

Three times:

CUFOS declares new UFO initiative ON Adam Dew's own WGN:

Any comments?

Paul Kimball said...

Nope. :-)

Ron S. said...

Sean Meers is the worst. I got into an argument with him over the "Linda Cortile case". It's probably the most ludicrous abduction case I've ever heard. The "facts" of the case are so ridiculous that my 9 year old daughter asked me "Dad, do people really believe this story?"

He's a piece of work who obviously has some mental issues.