Monday, October 20, 2014

Dr. John Mack - Alien Reality and Humanity

From my video vault - John Mack speaking at the 2001 MUFON Symposium press conference about the media and UFOs, and anthropocentric humanism and how an alien reality would change the way we view ourselves, and the society that we have created. Stan Friedman makes a cameo appearance at the end. 

 Paul Kimball

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Kandinsky said...

Hiya Paul, I just dropped by to say Merry Christmas to you :)

With Mack, I just can't settle on a decision and have to suspend judgement. His earlier writings demonstrated critical thinking and an open mind. Later on, he started giving the 'paradigm of science' a kicking and undermined his credibility. After all, no matter where his cases led him, scientific rigour would be needed to avoid multiplying confirmation biases.

Sheldrake did it last year and found that he gained the fringe audience and lost a much wider audience of enquiring minds. Both of them helped to create echo chambers...

Anyway, all the best for the New Year too :)