Friday, July 11, 2014

The Roswell Slides story in a nutshell

In a comment at Rich Reynolds' UFO Iconoclasts blog, my friend Lance Moody sums up the "Roswell slides" story perfectly, by way of an imagined conversation in 1947.

"Sir, we have a dead body from the flying saucer!"
"Very well, place the little green man in a container and be sure to put a placard on it so we don't forget where it came from! I will see if we can get a civilian Oil Geologist to come in with his wife to photograph the little guy."
"Very good, sir! " 

Anyone who took any of this "slides" idiocy seriously (I'm looking at you, Roswell "Dream Team") is either completely detached from reality or a willing participant in a fraudulent exercise designed solely to cash in at the expense of the rubes (something of which "Dream Teamer" Don Schmitt in particular has a long and sordid history). Either way, it's one of the most laughable escapades in UFO "research" since the Alien Autopsy hoax.

Paul Kimball


Mark UFO'Connell said...

Hey, a Dream Team's gotta dream...

Terry the Censor said...

The slides should be taken seriously, in the sense that claims of alien contact should be checked carefully to eliminate fraud. But the Dream Teamers are the last people who should be doing such work. The two members with the most respect for facts, Randle and Rutkowski, are no longer involved.

Paul Kimball said...

I have to disagree, Terry, that the slides should be taken seriously. Only after they have been shown to portray something clearly anomalous should they be taken seriously - not before.

As for Randle, he has no respect for the facts. Rutkowski does, and I feel bad that I was the guy who recommended him to Randle in the first place.


Bruce Duensing said...

A comment worth repeating...
One glaring double bind among many in this alleged scenario is the “authentication” process, which ultimately may ( at best) cast reasonable credibility to what could be considered a possibility versus a reality. In other words, the skeptics will remain ( rightfully skeptical) and those who want to make the leap of faith undoubtedly will do so.

And so a final comment is reluctantly inserted as my postscript to this comedy.

If some diabolical toy manufacturer designed a puzzle where in the pieces will never fit you have the perfect metaphor for Roswell, an open ended game designed for perturbation like fly paper..

Consequently everyone concerned in this feeding frenzy are back to square one and a circle will have been closed replete with all the trappings of faux certainty in any opinion will remained attached to this Venus Fly Trap of the mind.

The pages fall away from the calendar, summer turns to fall once again, and in the distance the search continues for the Lost Dutchman Mine lacking a conclusive argument as it was designed by intent, a lure for making a cartography out of cloud patterns frozen in place.

No further comments is required or called for,

Bruce Duensing said...

A musically amusing comment..