Friday, April 04, 2014

The Craziness of John Lear

Has there ever been anyone in ufology quite as crazy as John Lear? Sadly, the answer is yes (William Milton Cooper pops to mind immediately)... but Lear would make any top 20 list of nutters. And yet there are still some people who take him seriously... which tells you nothing about UFOs, but a lot about the fringe elements of the UFO subculture.

Paul Kimball


AJG said...

The thing is, you do't get the craziness of Cooper (or at least some of it) without Lear's work that (erm...) "inspired" Cooper's. So Lear's kind of the Ur-Nutter :)

Paul Kimball said...

They're all interrelated, aren't they? I wonder how many UFO believers today know how much of what has become "mainstream ufology / conspiracism" traces back to guys like Lear, and from Lear back to other nuts.

Steve Sawyer said...

So, you're leery of Lear? 8^}

And, could Keel be considered one of the original "ur-nutters"?

If so, who proceeded / inspired him?