Saturday, March 29, 2014

Miguel Romero on Transhumanism versus Transindividualism

Miguel Romero, aka Red Pill Junkie, is one of the most articulate and thought-provoking observers / thinkers active today talking about what might loosely be called the "paranormal." He reminds me quite a bit of the late Mac Tonnies (check out Miguel's recent appearances with Greg Bishop on Radio Misterioso - Part 1 and Part 2). In his latest, he addresses the idea of transhumanism and the idea of life after death. It's well worth a look... and not just because he references my own views. Here's an excerpt:
Canadian filmmaker & iconoclast thinker Paul Kimball has delved into this matter on several occasions, on both his book The Other Side of Truth and on frequent podcast interviews. On his latest appearance on the popular show Binnall of America (9.17.13), Paul made fun of how to many modern Christians, their idea of heaven would be something akin to an ethereal strip mall –with you & your family & friends all being there, enjoying themselves & living more or less the same way than here on Earth.

And even if you found Paul’s acidic humor offensive –in which case, I feel sorry for you!– it’s not outrageous to suggest that for many church-going folks, their expectations of an afterlife would involve the survival of their ego. And so, many Christians are awaiting the 2nd coming of Jesus & the resurrection of the dead, the same way Kurzweil hopes to one day bring back his late father to some manner of computerized existence.
What many Christians dread, Paul points out, is an afterlife in which their ego gets dissolved, but their consciousness becomes one with God, the way some mystics like Meister Eckhart or Henry Alline professed in their writings. And I personally feel the same could be said of most Transhumanists, even if they’d risk dropping their Google Glass at the revolting thought of being compared with those superstitious hicks, who still cling to the comforting belief in a deity.
You can read the rest of Miguel's column here.

Paul Kimball

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