Monday, December 13, 2010

The Case of the Baby in the Basement

My favourite episode of Ghost Cases.

Paul Kimball


Dia Sobin (Araqinta) said...

Hey, nice to see ya again, Paul!

Are you still ghost-hunting?

You really are a natural at this sort of journalism, but please don't get sucked into the "good vs. evil" and other cliche religious themes... They cast a rather bogus, artificial light on the matter... And they're not good for your mental health either!

Just my opinion. :-)

Enjoy the holidays and have a happy birthday!


Paul Kimball said...

Hi Dia,

I'm no longer "ghost hunting", although who knows what the future holds. :-)

As for good vs. evil, I actually believe in those concepts, which I don't find artificial at all... although I don't frame them within a religious context.

All the best,

Dia Sobin (Araqinta) said...

Well, m'dear, I'm sorry if you took my comment personally - my communication skills are not at their zenith. Certainly I'm not one to question anyone's beliefs.

But then, a wise man once said (and I quote): "Don't Believe. Don't Disbelieve. Think."


Happy New Year, too!
(from another goat with a fishtail)

Paul Kimball said...

With so many wise people in the world, you should probably try to avoid quoting that one! He's not nearly as wise as he likes to have people think he is!! ;-)