Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kimball, Ecker, Bosley on Radio Misterioso

I was in Los Angeles on business last week, and found the time to stop by for a special live, in-studio edition of Radio Misterioso with my good friend Greg Bishop, as well as Walter Bosley and Don Ecker.

We covered a lot of ground, and had some good old fashioned fun - followed by an even better "roundtable" afterwards at the House of Pies.

Greg has posted the show at his Radio Misterioso website. You can tune in here.

Paul Kimball

P.S. Here is Greg's write-up for the episode:

Two friends traveled to the studio to join Walter and I for a long (2.5 hour) conversation that ranged far. Don Ecker is best known as the research director for UFO Magazine in the 1990s. He currently hosts Dark Matters Radio, which airs weekdays from 10-midnight PST at Cyberstation USA. Paul Kimball returned for his fourth appearance on the show. Film writer/ producer Paul is probably best known to our audience from his film Best Evidence: The Top 10 UFO Sightings, and his website The Other Side Of Truth.

All of us are currently associated with the Paracast program in various roles as occasional guests or co-hosts. Walter is involved in a small controversy on the Paracast community forums, which we discussed last week, and should be posted soon.

The rare face-to-face meeting of thougthful minds who are all interested in the paranormal gave me an excuse as a host to guide the conversation to areas that I wanted to hear about, such as Don’s stories about middle eastern jinns, Paul’s journey from confirmed skeptic to near-believer during the filming of his latest TV series on ghosts, and Walter’s experiences in the Air Force and FBI. Praise and scorn was also heaped on various personalities in the UFO field.

The show was a lot of fun, Walter brought pizza, I brought beer, and we hope you enjoy the show.


Dia Sobin (Araqinta) said...

Hey Paul - loved the show! Interesting Jinn story... And the Mello-tone's tune was groovy!
But I have one complaint: Vice Admiral Zorgrot had so little air time...
Couldn't you guys afford a translator? Or did the esteemed ET (perhaps) OD on too much beer and pizza? :-)

P.S. One "cure" for a roach infestation is a rodent infestation. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Doc Conjure said...

Ughhh...Bosley. The straw the broke the camels back on why I don't listen to the Paracast anymore.

To relate an apt story: I had an online friend share his angst with me on the UFO field, specifically about shows like Coast to Coast AM, The Paracast, & others, as well as guests, hosts, and "personalities" in the field. He was so sick of it that he was fixing to become a debunker. Of course I gave him the best advice I could, stop listening to these shows.

BTW, Where's all the people here? A couple years back or so your blog was kicking.

Paul Kimball said...


Zorgrot likes to keep a low profile. He walks softly, but carries a big stick... or something like that. ;-)

Glad you liked the show. It was fun... the roaches added character~!


Paul Kimball said...


So you stop listening to a program because you don't like / agree with a particular guest? Wow - that says more about you than it does the show, I think.


Doc Conjure said...

@ Paul

Nope. If you re-read my comment I wrote that it was the straw that broke the came's back, meaning I've had some problems with the show. For entertainment value, I suppose it's good. For good info, not so much.

Paul Kimball said...

Then you're just not listening, Jason, or more to the point, you're not hearing. Dave Sadler, Steve Mera, Nick Pope, Stan Friedman, Kevin Randle, Nick Redfern, Greg Bishop... those are just the episodes I've been involved with, and they all have something interesting to offer. Sorry if your tunnel vision won't allow you to see that.

Doc Conjure said...

@ Paul,

Let's see, how can I put this....

Yes there has been some good guests like Randle, Friedman, Pope, and a few others. I wouldn't mind tuning in from time to time to hear them.

However, there's been a lot of poor ones as well.

I can go on with more info about the group dynamics and such, but that would be my opinion. I don't find the show appealing enough to listen to it on a regular basis anymore.

I've actually found some smaller shows that seem to have the same guests and are not as "personality" and entertainment driven as Coast to Coast and the Paracast. I hate to compare the Paracast to Coast to Coast, as I see it to be a little better than Coast to Coast, but that gap between them is quickly narrowing.

That's how I see it Paul. And yes, I know you disagree.

Paul Kimball said...


Fair enough.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Well dude, I know it's three weeks after this actually came together, but after returning from vacation and finding myself stuck in my office on a Sunday evening trying to catch up, I thought I would listen to this Radio Mysterioso episode.

Anyway, I quite enjoyed it. Good to see you still have the same ribald sense of humour as in days of yore. And I know commenter Jason's mileage varies on this, but I rather liked being entertained by the personalities and the banter while hearing a lot of information.

Great work.

PS: Karl Marx, Paul? Sigh...

Paul Kimball said...


One can be influenced by a writer / thinker without necessarily agreeing with everything that he says. However, in a society where more and more wealth is being concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer people (which I didn't think was possible), good old KM, when properly understood and not mixed up with the people in the 20th century who claimed to use his ideas for their own nefarious ends (Lenin, Stalin, Mao et al), still has a great deal to offer us, particularly when it comes to the idea of true freedom, as opposed to the illusion that we currently live under.

Glad you liked the rest! :-)


El Cerdo Ignatius said...

However, in a society where more and more wealth is being concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer people (which I didn't think was possible)...

'Twas ever thus, sir. And in the days when the masses were living in a state of privation, it was a problem of immense social and moral magnitude. Today, not so; at least not in the West. The other problem is that pretty much anything that a government or other authority tries to do to restore the balance, as it were, has a deliterious effect on both private wealth and the public purse. Marx, like most leftists of today, did not understand the problem of the sensitivity of capital. And then there's the whole matter of Marx's sympathy toward revolution, which necessarily intones confiscation through violence.

Simply and ironically put, there is only one thing that can fund socialism, and that is capitalism.

Now as a wordsmith, Marx was wicked good. There's no arguing that.

Paul Kimball said...

Ahh, Iggy - the one thing that can fund socialism is basic human compassion... which is why Jesus was a sociliast. :-)

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Careful, there. :) Jesus didn't command us to lobby the government (Caesar, Herod or Pilate, back in the day) to feed the people. He said, "You give them something to eat."

But it's nice to see you've embraced Christianity, even if your version sounds a little like....... oh, I'll say it: Fidel Castro's. Heh heh...

Such a shame I have to work late again tonight, but I'll try to take advantage of the quiet time at the office to tune in to the Paracast episode you refer to in your July 1st post.

Paul Kimball said...

Jesus was a great, alebit often misunderstood, philosopher. I dig his stuff, man. Now, the whole Son of God thing? Nope.

And as I recall, Jesus, a man of the working class, said to render unto Caesar that which was Caesar's. Now, as I also recall, by Caesar, he meant the government, not money-grubbing corporations.

For the government, my friend, is the people.


El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Spoken like a true statist, and more proof of your essential unsoundness. :oD