Monday, February 02, 2009

Ghosts, UFOs and the Holographic Universe

In a post at his must-read blog UFO Mystic, which he co-writes with Nick Redfern, my good pal Greg Bishop has this to say about the UFO phenomenon:

In Michael Talbot’s seminal book The Holographic Universe, we find a clue to secrets about the UFO problem which mainstream Ufology has ignored. Talbot, looking at the work of physicists like Alain Aspect and David Bohm, posits that reality, the universe, and everything is akin to an infinite hologram, in which all things contain complete information about all other things.

What physicists call the “quantum field,” is also the “collective unconscious” of Jung, where archetypes arise, and where spontaneous and simultaneous events occur, independent of distance. Western occultists are convinced that this realm is where everything we experience (both in waking and dream states) resides, but we are only seeing and sensing a small piece of what it truly “is.” This “dimension” is not bound by time, space or our attempts to understand and more importantly, to explain it. Language traps us in a conceptual web of illusions, at least as far as this symbolic realm is concerned. We may imagine that our reality could be a sort of shadow or epiphenomenon of this holographic dimension, looked at through a mental web of expectations, sensory input, and our illusory flow through time.

I would like to suggest that this is where the intelligence behind the UFO phenomenon “resides.” Perhaps this intelligence is dependent on the observer for its form and appearance. Maybe the ufonauts are implicit in this realm or hologram or idea-space, and need only other sentient intelligences to bring them into being. The interaction becomes the existence. What I am trying to get across here is that at least part of the UFO “problem” may be in our heads. Most of us, through cultural conditioning and input from our senses look at the physical universe as parts or pieces of some sort of infinite “machine.”
Greg has raised the point in a comment on another post here that this same theory may apply to the phenomenon we call "ghosts". In some ways this ties in, as Greg noted, with my idea that ghosts may represent a form of "time travel", or at least a kind of temporal remote viewing.

If ghosts exist - and I am still far from convinced that they do - I suspect that they have far more to do with the kind of phenomenon that Greg is talking about, than the traditional idea that they represent the spirits of the dead. I am also open to the theory of residual hauntings, i.e. that an event has been recorded which at a particular place which plays itself back to people in the present day, so that an "impression" remains, but not of a person's consciousness.

Paul Kimball


Tony Sandy said...

I've heard of ghosts being considered timeslips (living interactions) or stone tapes (simple recordings of events that are replayed over and over again). I've also heard of alien incidents, where dead family members also turn up. If what we consider reality is just a filter that siphons out all but the 'normal', could it be that this stuff that exists outside what we want to believe about life, is shunned for the same reason that the Victorians were embarrassed by sex? It's unknown, can't be described only experienced and is about releasing inhibitions?

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

TLC said...

I think Vallee is onto something with his "control system" theory. I've thought about the UFO phenomenon as a highly complex computer program.

Here's a very rough sketch of pseudo-code to illustrate this idea:
VAR Human Behavior
VAR Belief
VAR Cultural
VAR Unconscious Mind
VAR Manifestation
VAR Control System Level , ,
VAR Sequence A B C *A gathers info from all input variables (belief, cultural, unconscious mind) as well as pulls from an existing database of information on these variables that have been collected since the dawn of man
VAR Control System Output A, B, or C *C is the production of psychoid manifestations
VAR Takeover Sequence
VAR X (3 Loops)
Input Human Behavior
IF Human Behavior = Control System level
THEN initialize Sequence
GATHER INPUT FROM – Human Behavior, Cultural, Beliefs, Unconscious Mind
EXECUTE Control System Output C
LOOP X until Human Behavior = Control System level

In this little snippet of program, the UFO phenomenon acts like a thermostat. When human behavior gets out of control (using nuclear weapons), the thermostat kicks on. In this case, the control system acts as an air conditioning unit. When the temperature gets too hot, it works to cool things down. The percipients (us) have a major role in how the control system projects itself. This would explain why the UFOnauts share some of the same characteristics as elves, faeries, and other mythological creatures. It would also explain its use of religious iconography/imagery.

It could be that this system is biological in nature, which means we would most likely never discover the source. If we're dealing with extraterrestrials or some other non-human intelligence that is a few thousand years (or even a million or more) ahead of us technologically, they may use biological systems, not nuts-and-bolts systems like we use today. Of course, some of our current technology integrates hard technological systems with biological systems.

Just my 2 cents for what it's worth.