Friday, December 26, 2008

2008 Zorgy Awards

This year Rear Admiral Zorgrot and I have decided on the nominations ourselves (as we did in 2006), but as always we leave the voting to you! The polls will close on January 4, 2009.

Top Podcast
Strange Days Indeed
Binnall of America
Culture of Contact
The Paracast
Radio Misterioso
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Top Troublemaker
Rich Reynolds
Alfred Lehmberg
James W. Moseley
Jeremy Vaeni
David Biedny
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Top Publication
Fortean Times
Alien Worlds
UFO Magazine
Fate Magazine
Saucer Smear
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Top Paranormal researcher
Loren Coleman
Nick Redfern
Stanton Friedman
Jeff Belanger
Nick Pope
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Top Blog
UFO Mystic (Redfern & Bishop)
Posthuman Blues (Mac Tonnies)
A Different Perspective (Kevin Randle)
Entangled Minds (Dean Radin)
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Top Paranormal News Service
The Daily Grail
Alien Worlds
The Debris Field
The Anomalist
The Keyhoe Report
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Top Messageboard
Book of Thoth
The Paracast
Above Top Secret
Department 47
Binnall of America
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Let the voting commence!

Paul Kimball


LesleyinNM said...

No hall of fame and shame?

Loren Coleman said...

Thank you for the personal pick, Paul, but in support of my readers, first and foremost, I was hoping for a nod to Cryptomundo or The Copycat Effect in the blog category this year.

Oh well, I'll have to try harder. :-)

Let it shine in 2009!

Best wishes,

Alfred Lehmberg said...

Respectfully -- I ask I be removed from consideration this year. To be frank, I am highly offended to be on the same list as Reynolds with regard to _anything_. Seriously, remove me... ..._please_.
>> AVG Blog --
>>> U F O M a g a z i n e --

Alfred Lehmberg said...



Anonymous said...

I will not vote for anything on this site for a Zorgy Award because you dont have Above Top Secret (ATS) listed here. It is one of the most informative sites on the www for the paranormal, cryptozoology, conspiracy theories, etc.

Anonymous said...

LOLZ ATS : You said "It is one of the most informative sites on the www for the paranormal, cryptozoology, conspiracy theories, etc."

Joke of 2008!! I could say.... owner of ATS more interested in making money then anything as..

To the blog owner i would like to say good job Dude !!

Anonymous said...

Due to the lack of even handedness at cryptomundo, perhaps do to the completely out of touch with reality, aka, 24/7 F&B mentality influence, I am thankful that they did not get onto the short list this year. I am still waiting with bated breath, for Loren to place praise on a fellow crytozoologist, who is not yet six feet under in a pine box. After all, Loren does not do actual field research at anything, especially Bigfoot. He justs reads the news reports, and has a museum. Not completely unlike the deceased Erik Beckjord, who did not make the short list either and also had difficulty placing praise on other researchers. But should have been placed on that list nevertheless. I am also thankful that no undercover NSA people made the "best at sewing the seeds of doubt list" like Karl Rose, Irisththeruler, Tube, Kitakaze, Drewbot, William Parcher, Rangoon, Stu, Michelos, RayG, LTC8K6, madurobob, arthwollipot, YouBelieverWHAT and Correa Neto who all appear to be examples of our tax dollars at work. Just not as we intended our dollars to be put to work.

Alfred Lehmberg said...

I understand it will be inconvenient to remove my name. Pity.

Still, nominated I do not run; elected I do not serve.
>> AVG Blog --
>>> U F O M a g a z i n e --

Paul Kimball said...

That's perfectly fine, and fair enough.
Best regards,

Alfred Lehmberg said...

"Perfectly fine" is a decided stretch even as it might be "fair enough," Paul. It remains in the interest of discovery and even-handedness that I inform you I consider your ... thoughtlessness here an overdraft on your idiosyncratic account with me. Make of that what you will... Sir.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said- "LOLZ ATS : You said "It is one of the most informative sites on the www for the paranormal, cryptozoology, conspiracy theories, etc."

Joke of 2008!! I could say.... owner of ATS more interested in making money then anything as.."

Double LOLZ!!! How many times have you been banned from there? Methinks thee dost protest too much. The only sad thing about ATS is how forgiving they are about allowing the same disruptive twits back in after a ban. Making money. Good one!

Anonymous said...

So, I see Biedny running away with "Top Trouble Makers"???? Excellent Smithers!

Jeremy Vaeni said...

Wait, Paul, I thought you left the field. What happened? Is this like when Dick Clark leaves TV but still produces the American Music Awards?

Greg said...

Wot, no Darklore?! Damn, I'll have to work harder at it next year...

Anonymous said...

How come the Georgia bigfoot hoaxers didn't make the list of trouble makers? Or Tom Biscardi?

Anonymous said...

what about unknown country for best podcast? it can be a good show at times

Loren Coleman said...

BTW, on December 21, 2008, I published at Cryptomundo what I had previously announced at my cryptozoology presentations at the Museum of Science in Boston on October 24 and 30th:

The Cryptozoologist of the Year 2008 is Dr. Andrea Marshall, the discoverer of the newly verified giant manta ray.

As anyone who reads Cryptomundo knows, I regularly praise and write about others, living and dead, all the time. But anonymous people may post what they wish, whether it is true or not, for the blog tends to be about me and what cryptozoo news interests me. Frankly, it seems to work most of the time. Let the grudge go.

The other old off-the-mark Beckjord-like complaint of "no fieldwork," of course, is usually posted by anonymous people unaware of what I've really done in the field and elsewhere in the last 50 years. I wish I could do the same kind of fieldwork I did at 21 years of age, now, 40 years later. It just doesn't happen. Let it go.

Yes, I am far from perfect, and wish I could do more of everything, forever. I hear that's not going to happen.

So, live your life not as reflected through my real or fantasy shortcomings, but in what you wish to achieve. Let me write about your accomplishments.

Friends, fans, associates, and lovers never come without the few vocal foes. My life has not been lived without my fair share of all. Hey, I appreciate my critics (who are always there, thank goodness) as much as I do my groupies (who are staying younger, I notice, but I am not).

Happy New Year to all,

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone blaming Paul for nominations and what not? It's the Rear Admiral Zorgrot who makes all the decisions!

Anonymous said...

Loren doth protesteth too much! Loren has never personally claimed or implied in print on his website, unless another poster suggests it, that any cryptozoological creature is paranormal. He does not stick his neck out on the paranormal subject matter. Paranormal normally implies invisibility. Loren won't touch that subject with a 10 foot pole. Consequently, Loren is NOT a paranormal researcher by any stretch of the imagination. He should not even be on the paranormal researcher list. Instead, he has stooped to STUFFING THE BALLOT BOX in order to later claim that he is the best at something. Due to the lack of publicly available paranormal field reports from which to draw from, the only true paranormal researchers are the ones that can clarify previous unknowns based on their own direct field observations. What paranormal unknowns has Loren clarified? What equipment does he have to make paranormal observations? Original paranormal theories, cannot be either postulated or tested while trying to stuff yourself into your favorite chair behind a desk, with the thermostat set to 70 degrees. Paranormal theories only come about from extensive personal field observation at night and in the woods, spotting repetitive patterns, and ultimately reaching conclusions where all the pieces of the puzzle, actually fit. I have never seen or heard of Loren doing that. Nor does he take a firm stand that any cryptozoological creature, is most likely paranormal. Loren is very good at regurgitating historical cryptozoological events that have been documented by others. Nothing more, Nothing less. Make that a category deserving an award, and only then will I vote for him.