Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Ufological "Front Page Challenge"

One of my favourite shows when I was growing up was Front Page Challenge on the CBC here in Canada. The show featured four panelists, usually well-known journalists, who would ask yes-or-no questions in an attempt to correctly identify a mystery challenger connected to a front-page news item, as well as the news item itself. After the panelists had guessed correctly - or been stumped - they would proceed to interview the challenger.

Along those lines, today at Above and Beyond we have a special guest, and a series of questions asked by our ace panel, comprised of Rear Admiral Zorgrot, Zoltan the Hound of Hell, and Fox Mulder, with the answers from our mystery guest. You the reader will then be able to guess the identity of the mystery guest, with a free copy of Best Evidence: Top 10 UFO Sightings to the first person whocorrectly identifies our mystery guest.

Here we go:

Zorgrot: Are you a world-renowned UFO expert?

Mystery guest: Yes.

Zoltan: Woof, woof, grr... GRRR!!!

Mystery guest: Umm... sure, yes.

Mulder: Do you believe that the Roswell Incident was a crashed flying saucer from outer space?

Mystery guest: Yes.

Mulder (follow-up): Do you also believe that the Roswell Incident involved a second crashed saucer, on the Plains of San Agustin?

Mystery Guest: Yes.

Zorgrot: Do you believe that the 1948 Aztec incident involved the crash of an alien spacecraft?

Mystery guest: Yes.

Zoltan: Woof, woof, grr... GRRR!!!

Mystery guest: Umm...

Host: Moving on... Mr. Mulder.

Mulder: Do you believe that the United States Air Force was involved in a shooting war with alien spacecraft in the early 1950s?

Mystery guest: Yes.

Zorgrot: Do you believe that the supposed super-secret organization known as MJ-12 was real?

Mystery guest: Yes.

Zoltan: Woof, woof, grrr... GRRR!!!

Host: Okay, that's all the questions we have time for. It's time to guess who our mystery guest is...
As I said, I'll leave that up to you the reader... but in the meantime we take a brief break for the news, where we will show video of Dr. James McDonald and Dr. J. Allen Hynek spinning in their graves, which definitely qualifies as high strangeness.

Paul Kimball


Atrueoriginall said...

Paul Hellyer

Anonymous said...


Mac said...


Paul Kimball said...

Alien Contactee,

No... nutty as Hellyer is, he has never, to my knowledge, endorsed the Aztec hoax, nor is he thought of as a world-renowned ufologist.

Sorry, but thanks for playing!


DDA said...


Paul Kimball said...

Anon. and Mac have tag-teamed to guess the identity of our mystery guest. Alas, I can't send a DVD to an anonymous person, and Mac already has one, so we'll have to send it along to our next winner of... Ufological Front Page Challenge!!

Cue theme song, and fade to black...

Paul Kimball said...

Aha - TJ's comment came in as I was publishing anon.'s and Mac's, but before I had typed mine, so he is the winner! Contact me off-line if you want a DVD, at


Don Maor said...


Are you obsessed with Stanton T. Friedman?

Paul Kimball said...


You should ask Stan that question about the ETH, or Roswell, or MJ-12, or SETI (which he brings up everytime he speaks). I know you like Stan... you seem to agree with everything he says and believes, and that's fine. But no-one is immune from criticism... not even Stan.


Don Maor said...

Well, I am a real nobody compared to Stan, but if asked: I do disagree with him on some things. The Betty Hill's interpration of the star map, for example. I don’t buy it.

(Although I believe that she indeed was abducted with his husband).

Regarding Roswell, I believe it happened, although probably not in the way Stan says.

MJ-12 group: I believe it most probably existed, although I am not 100% sure. I think Brad Sparks’ lasts attempts to refute their validity are not conclusive, but certainly they put some doubt into the MJ-12 case. However, Friedman’s arguments to support the validity of some MJ-12 docs (for example, remember the facts and dates that were not known to Stan at the moment of receiving the MJ-12 documents) are still stronger than Sparks doubts.


Don Maor said...

I forgot your last question. Of course, Friedman is obsessed with Roswell and MJ-12. A big part of His life has been devoted to such research. Obsession is not necessarily a bad thing. At first, I was only asking to you with mucho respeto. You did not answer, by the way.

Paul Kimball said...


No more so than Stan is obsessed with me. ;-)