Monday, September 03, 2007

Stan Friedman - Refuting the arguments against UFOs

I recorded a lengthy pre-interview with Stan Friedman in Halifax back in 2000 for the development phase of the documentary Stanton T. Friedman is Real, which we took into production in 2001. In this segment, I asked Stan to imagine himself on the other side of the UFO fence, i.e. as a person trying to poke holes in his various arguments.

Paul Kimball


Mac said...

Good stuff! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanx Paul!
Great vid..Great learning ..should be required viewing on both sides of the issue. I hope you do one on LMH : Antichrist of the UFO monement?


Anonymous said...

Wow! Very interesting. My respct for Friedman has increased a little after this.

He didn't answer the "governments can't keep secrets" argument, though... maybe in part 2?

CDA said...


Re your debate with Stan Friedman over MJ-12, there is another reason why the Plains of San Agustin crash did not get into the Ike briefing paper. In fact there are two likely reasons:

1. The briefer (Hillenkoetter) whilst aware of the Roswell crash, simply did not know of the San Agustin crash. Hence its omission from the document. Dammit, even the MJ-12 guys did not know about every UFO crash, did they?

2.(more plausible) The San Augstin crash was classified at a higher level than the Roswell crash. The Ike doc is at level "Top Secret Majic". San Augustin was classified at "Top Secret Ultra Majic". Thus (according to STF logic) it could not be mentioned in a paper of lower classification.

I hope this is now clear to you. It surely provides an irrefutable answer. Pity Stan did not realise such an obvious answer himself.

Regards, CDA