Monday, July 09, 2007

The Other Side of Truth - UFO Hall of Fame

The "Hall of Fame" concept is nothing new in the world of UFOs and the paranormal. Royce Myers III at UFO Watchdog has had a UFO Hall of Fame (and a Hall of Shame) for years now. Steven Bassett has one with his X-Conference. Tim Binnall, when he was plugging the Brad Steiger episode a week ago, referred to Steiger as a "sure-fire first ballot esoteric Hall of Famer". And so on.

Never one to let a good idea pass me by, I've decided, after over two years here at The Other Side of Truth, to create a UFO Hall of Fame for this blog. Now, no offense to Royce or others who have created a Hall of Fame on their own, but whereas they have basically just picked the members themselves, I'm a big believer in vox populi, i.e. let the people decide. So, without further ado, in much the same way as the baseball Hall of Fame elects its members, here is the first ballot for the Other Side of Truth UFO Hall of Fame.

The first class will have five members, so the five people who get the most votes over the next month are in.
Who belongs in the 1st class of The Other Side of Truth UFO Hall of Fame?
Dr. J. Allen Hynek
Major Donald Keyhoe
Dr. James McDonald
Captain Edward Ruppelt
Dr. Jacques Vallee
Stanton T. Friedman
John Keel
James Moseley
Richard Hall
Jim Lorenzen
Coral Lorenzen
Philip J. Klass
Brad Steiger
Jerome Clark
Major Kevin Randle
Errol Bruce-Knapp
Gray Barker
Nick Pope
Dr. Bruce Maccabee
Rev. Barry Downing
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Your call, folks. My vote will just be one of many. Write in votes will also be allowed - you can either leave them as a comment, or e-mail me directly at

Voting will stay open until 12:01 am, August 10, 2007.

Paul Kimball


Mac said...

Damn. That was *tough*!

Greg Bishop said...

No it "wasn't!"

Unknown said...

Wow I must have been blinded by anticipation at voting for shame not to notice the fame section.
I'm with Mac on this one it was a tough call. Without justifying ad nauseam I went with Keyhoe.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Jacques F. Vallee, hands down.

Witness, polymath, acclaimed researcher and author, visionary, and true scientist.

The most important UFO futurist, prophetic analyst, and paradigm shifter alive.

Inexplicata (IHU) said...

It's a sad comment on our times when John A. Keel commands only 4% of the vote. Much like in politics, the best candidates are remembered as "also-rans."