Friday, October 27, 2006

SMU Journal Review of the New Frontiers Symposium

From The Journal, the university paper at St. Mary's, where the New Frontiers Symposium was held:

Stanton T. Friedman Lectures at SMU:
"A Cosmic Watergate?"
by James O'Brien

On October 14th, Redstar Productions hosted a UFO symposium at SMU. Redstar produces UFO documentary films. The symposium presented many lecturers on UFO phenomena, including Mr. Friedman whose lecture focused on the physics of interstellar travel and the probability of flying saucers. His thesis concerned the probability of many different forms of space travel and how these technologies are currently being developed. They ranged from nuclear fission propulsion, using the gravitational pull of other planets (a method used in the Moon "landings") as well as a brief astronomy lesson about where deep space travel could take us - to nearby stars and constellations "in our own backyard", referring to the Milky Way.

His lecture contrasted with the others, as his was more technical and mathematical versus the conjecture and use of memorandum and testimonies of UFO sightings. Friedman's lecture had little to do with UFO sightings and the existence of UFOs and more to do with space travel and physics theory. The lecture was a straighforward presentation that would not seem out of place in an introduction course on astrophysics. It was interesting to note that one of the big names in the UFO conspiracy community gave a lecture at a UFO symposium that mentioned extraterrestrial life in passing.

Make no mistake, Friedman does believe in extraterrestrials, positing that the intergalactic community has us quarantined - asking if it would be reasonable to let a race with our destructive history loose on the cosmos?

After his lecture, Friedman discussed alien abduction - a topic he didn't cover during his speech. His take on alien abductions is the same as his on UFO sightings, that there are those that are mistaken for "natural" phenomena, hoaxes and then those which are unexplainable. "It is simply case by case analysis."

What does he believe regarding the theory that alien abduction being symptomatic of sleep paralysis?

"While sleep paralysis is real and there are situations which alien abduction can be explained by this," he noted alien abduction cases which cannot be explained by sleep paralysis. Referring to the Betty and Barney Hill case, where both shared the same experience and Mr. Hill was driving at the time, he asked, "how would this be a case of sleep paralysis?"

Is there any correlation between alien abductions and the MK Ultra tests - a nationwide US experiment in the 50's and 60's where private citizens were abducted by military personnel and forced injections of hallucinogens? Friedman observed that both cases demonstrate the vulnerability of the human mind to external control. Citing Betty and Barney Hill again, Friedman explained that as Mr. Hill was driving, he was compelled to drive into an open field so that the saucer could land. He cited this as an alarming example of mind control and said he "could see how any government would love to get their hands on this sort of mind control."

When asked about Gary McKinnon, the British hacker charged with infiltrating NASA, CIA and FBI files in search of UFO evidence, Friedman replied, "I think that is merely just the US government panicking. I've read how he hacked into government and Pentagon computers," referring to the lack of security on said computers. "They were caught with their pants down and now they have to save face and make an example out of him." Friedman showed disdain for the Bush administration, charging them with violating human rights and the Geneva Convention for economic agendas.

"You know that I am a dual citizen (Canadian and US) and the only time that I was ever embarrassed to be an American, and I have always been proud to be an American, was when George Bush said that he was going to set up a model democracy in Iraq."

I asked him if he has ever received any hostility from authorities for his research and lectures. "No. Definitely not."

Always nice to get free publicity, even if it was after the Symposium as opposed to before!

Paul Kimball


Mac said...

intergalactic community has us quarantined

There's that word again. "Intergalactic." Oy.

Peter Fred said...

I am an amateur and I have an alternate gravity theory which I am trying to get recognized. The theory seems to give hints on the propulsion mechanism of UFOs, Here is the write up of my theory. I would appreciate any comments that can be given here
An essential feature of the theory is "that in every star, planet and moon resides a powerful 3-D lever" which can be activated if one half of the surface gravity of a spherical body is slightly less than the surface gravity of the remaining other half. This idea can be arrived at by considering the formula for the pressure at the center of a heavenly body like the earth or the sun which is

P_c = g*rho*r.

Notice the effect on the pressure at the center if the surface gravity g changes by an amount equal to (Delta g). A change at the surface will result in a change at the center that is rho*r greater or lesser i.e.

Delta P = Delta g * rho * r.

Then you multiply this expression by the cross sectional area
(pi * r^2)to to get an expression for the difference that one hemisphere would exert on the opposite hemisphere. If the change in the surface gravity is equal to centripetal acceleration of of an orbiting body, then the net resulting force that would centripetally accelerate the whole body towards the central body a surprising near equality occurs.

Delta g *rho * pi * r^3 ~ G*M*m/r^2