Saturday, July 01, 2006

My Alma Mater... On Mars?

Well, not yet... but soon, my alma mater (law school), Dalhousie University here in Halifax, will have a presence on Mars, through their participation in the Phoenix Mars Scout.

The Mars Scout is a joint project between the Canadian Space Agency and NASA to investigate the water cycle on Mars. The Canadian contribution to the mission will be an automated weather station, including a small lidar system. The spacecraft will launch in August 2007 and land in May 2008.

You can get more information on the mission, and Dalhousie's role, here.

Pretty cool stuff.

Paul Kimball

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Mac said...

Yes, but is your *name* on Mars? Mine is on the MER rovers. (Keep an eye on NASA's outreach programs; they're big on letting people commit their names to microdot.)