Thursday, February 23, 2006

Gone Fishin' - Again

I leave Friday afternoon for the 15th Annual International UFO Congress Conference in Laughlin, Nevada.

I won't be checking the old computer while I'm away, so I am officially hanging out the "Gone Fishin" sign once again, this time until March 7th.

See you all when I get back, with juicy details of the Laughlin Con (er... conference).

In the meantime, I leave you with a question of immense importance to ponder and debate amongst yourselves while I'm away:

Would you pull a "Baltar" - i.e. would you screw over the entire human race for Cylon #6 (aka Tricia Helfer)?

I'm definitely leaning towards a "yes". She can be my "Imperious Leader" anytime!

Paul Kimball


Mac said...

Cylons are from "Battlestar Galactica," right? (I've done my Sci-Fi Channel homework, as you can see.)

To answer your question: She certainly looks cute. But worth screwing over the entire human race?

You insult my dignity, Paul. Only Jessica Alba and Natalie Portman warrant such extreme measures.

Paul Kimball said...


No, exopolitics insults your dignity... oh, wait, no. I got that wrong. Exopolitics insults your intelligence.

Natalie Portman? Not as Princess Amidala. Maybe as the character she played in "Closer".

Jessica Alba? Puh-lease. Pretty to look at, but that's it. No talent.

Now, Keira Knightley, maybe...


Anonymous said...

Well, if Ray Kurzweil is correct (re: The Singularity is Near) we won't have any choice but to bow down to our cyber overlords. In his view, runaway intelligence (think exponentially self-improving A.I.) will rapidly create an ineffable new form of life to which we'll look like single-celled organisms in comparison. If such an entity chose to express itself in a form humans would desire the subtelty of the illusion would be such that we'd willingly allow ourselves to be dragged around by the nose. (Or by some other appendage as your original post implies!)

That said, sounds like it's a dog's life for me if their sex-bots are as good or better than BSG's! :-)

Seriously though, anyone who takes Kurzweil's view of humanity's near future seriously would have to consider the implications for the ETH. In this view, little green men seem quite quaint. If Kurzweil was an ETHer he'd undoubtedly view reports of humanoids as some sort of conditioning or control mechanism by a super-advanced non-biological A.I.


The Odd Emperor said...

Tricia Helfer? Screw over the entire human race for her?

Oh no no you poor poor man! She’s hawt! She’s a babe but she’s not worth all that…

Now, Grace Park? ....

Randall said...

I wouldn't screw over the human race for anyone,I would try the old hit and run technique though.
Only to have her come back and kick my

The Odd Emperor said...

Hey Randall;

Even Grace Parks?

I don't know about the hit and run thing, Park’s character is supposed to be a trained fighter pilot or something. She'd leave you in little pieces before you got a chance to run.

Hmmm, there’s a thought!

Seriously, I'm really happy with the way the series is going. What do you all think? Did they do a Babylon 5 or better?

Paul Kimball said...

I've said it before, and I'll say it again- all hail Number Six!


(almost back - stuck in Logan International for five + hours on my trip home)

The Odd Emperor said...

Naaah, Grace Parks! Boom(er) baby!

At least they have WiFi at Logan. Have a safe flight!