Monday, December 19, 2005

The 2005 "Zorgy" Awards

I work in an industry - entertainment - that has more awards shows and ceremonies than it does people (at least it sometimes seems that way). Accordingly, I can't resist the temptation to hand out some awards myself, to the deserving in the paranormalist community.

Thus, here are The Other Side of Truth's 2005 "Zorgy" Awards (named in honour of my alien pal, Zorgrot).

Paul Kimball

Best paranormalist website [magazine]
Fortean Times

Best paranormalist website [forums]
UFO Planet

Best paranormalist website [news summary]
The Anomalist

Best paranormalist blog
Posthuman Blues (Mac Tonnies)

Best UFO Radio Program
Strange Days... Indeed (Errol Bruce-Knapp)

Best UFO blog
A Different Perspective (Kevin Randle)

Best UFO Website [research]
Project Blue Book Archive

Best UFO Website [news summary]
UFO Review

Best UFO Website [ufologist]
Stanton Friedman

Best UFO publication
Saucer Smear

Best Ufologist (research)
Brad Sparks

Best Ufologist (public speaker)
Stanton Friedman

Best UFO documentary
UFOs - Seeing is Believing (ABC / Peter Jennings)

Best UFO book
Project Beta (Greg Bishop)

Best Crytozoologist
Jonathan Downes

Best Paranormal Trouble-maker
Nick Redfern

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