Friday, October 07, 2005

Coalitions of the [Fill in the blank yourself]

In the interest of fairness, you can find Rich Reynold's explanantion for the UBC brouhaha at It hasn't changed my take on things, but perhaps it will change yours.

Paul Kimball


An Historian said...

Nope, not good enough for me either - especially after Terry's reply!

BTW, I found the posts and comments collected here to be interesting, particularly this (and this, which relates to the Rio Grande "UFO"). They aren't well respected in their home town either.

Ack, why do I care so much? As you have said, ignoring them is the only sensible option.

Paul Kimball said...


I still read the RRR blog regularly, because they have made points in the past that I agree with - and, I suspect, will make some points in the future that I will agree with.

With their new "coalition" - if it ever gets off the ground (their track record is pretty poor in this regard - does anyone recall the UFO Collective) - they'll be able to do it their way (which is the only way they that seem to accept). More power to them, and anyone who joins them. It just won't be me.