Friday, May 13, 2005

Greer vs. Woolsey

For years now, Disclosure Project guru Dr. Steven Greer has claimed that he "briefed" DCI James Woolsey in 1993 about the UFO phenomenon, and the government's cover-up of the truth. He repeated these claims recently, in a December, 2004, interview with Richard Dolan in Phenomena Magazine (see

Supposedly, at the end of the "briefing" Woolsey said to Greer, "Dr. Greer, how can we disclose what we are denied access to? What would that say to the world?"

That is Dr. Greer's version of the truth. The "other side of the truth" comes from Woolsey and the other people who were at that "briefing," which was, in fact, simply a dinner party. The letter, below, from the Woosleys and the Petersens, makes it clear, if one is to believe them, that Greer has, to be polite, stretched the truth about the "briefing."

Of course, Dr. Greer had a response, which can be found at, in which he disputes the account of the Woolseys and the Petersens.

So - who is telling the truth here?

In his response, Greer claims that he received a "sensitive memo" (by FedEx) from Petersen in advance of the "briefing" in which Petersen allegedly wrote:

"I talked to Woolsey this morning and he (underlined in the original) suggested getting together over dinner. He was not aware of your organiztion or that anyone was planning such an announcement (regarding UFOs). This almost certainly means that,

1. there is an active attempt being made at lower levels of government to sabotage Project Starlight (the CSETI UFO disclosure effort),
2. this group almost certainly has tapped your phones and is aware of most of the details of your plans...

If we do have dinner with Jim (Woolsey), we will have moved this whole thing to a much, much higher plane and in doing so raised significant red flags for those who don't want to see us succeed. Operation Starlight will become a serious (underlined) threat to the status quo.

Meetings with people like Woolsey must be kept closely guarded. I have not even told Diane (Mr. Petersen's wife) about it.

You must understand that great principalities and powers will oppose your plans...

Remember: the most powerful people in the world will have a deep, compelling interest in our activities and will use everything at their disposal to effect their objectives."

Okay... this seems simple to me. If Greer wants to settle this, once and for all, let him "disclose" this letter he claims to have received from Petersen, which he quotes from but does not display at his website.

Also, let him "disclose" the FedEx receipt that would have come with the letter.

In short, Dr. Greer - put up, or shut up.

If he cannot, or will not, do so, then I think we all know which side of the truth we should believe.

Paul Kimball


Unknown said...

He couldn't be more busted than Dolly Parton.

Paul Kimball said...


Who knows - maybe the Petersen letter really does exist? I'm not holding my breath, however.


RRRGroup said...

This is intriguing stuff, as usual, Paul.

Why is there always a downside to the upside?

Your request that Greer provide evidence of the "cover letter" is right on the button. Put up or shut up, indeed.

This should be pursued further, just to clear the air about Greer.

(Maybe Dr. Salla would check this out for you.)

Rich Reynolds

Paul Kimball said...


I don't like Greer. I think he's an egomaniacal, self-aggrandizing plague on the serious study of the UFO phenomenon.

Still, if he can produce the Petersen letter, I will grant that, as far as the Woolsey episode is concerned, there may be something to his claims - at the very least, it would be an indication that the story isn't as simple as the Woolseys and Petersens make it out to be.

I'm not holding my breath, however, given Dr. Greer's track record over the years.


Flix said...

It appears that many of you would take the word of the CIA Director and his wife. Ha ha, these people are proficient liars.
To me it looks like Wolsley is back peddling in an attempt to please his masters. Greer has nothing to gain by lying.
My only gripe with Greer is his refusal to accept the possibility that there may be some extraterrestrials out there, or here, who don't place our interests as highly as we would like.
Forget about Greer or Dolan or any of those so called experts and trust what you yourself know to be true and it's obvious that the Galaxy, the Universe for that matter, is teeming with intelligent life and many of them visit us regularly and watch as we destroy our home with pollution while we play with some very dangerous matches. We are the irresponsible teenagers who frighten the rest of our near neighbours by our ignorance and savagery.

Levontaun said...

Ok.. no. Greer is a noted Ufologist and director of the Disclosure Project. The fact that Woolsey is even AT a "dinner party" with him is telling. Unless of course CIA directors are in the habit of rubbing elbows with just anyone.

Anonymous said...

Yes. seriously people. What would a CIA director be doing with a ufologist?

Anonymous said...

Greer is a conman, it's painfully obvious. Never disclosed anything of note, just keeps asking for money... and gullible suckers keep paying. Oh well, keeps the rest of us amused. He's worse than Icke.