Thursday, April 14, 2005

William Steinman's Aztec "Investigation" Part III - Witnesses Continued

On 17 September, 1982, William Steinman wrote to scientist Thomas Townsend Brown, whom he was convinced was "Dr. Gee." See his letter at

The interesting part is his brief description of his Aztec "investigation" of July 6 - 10, 1982. Steinman writes:

"I visited Aztec between July 6 and July 10th of this year on an investigative tour. I found the crash-site and 4 witnesses in town, one of which was Mr. Harold Dunning, the 1948 ranch owner." [emphasis added]


Harold Dunning is the "H.D." to whom Steinman refers in UFO Crash at Aztec. In "William Steinman's Aztec 'Investigation' Part II - Witnesses" yesterday, I quoted Steinman's version of his encounter with Dunning. Here it is again:

"I confronted H.D. with questions pertaining to the alleged incident. He snapped back in a very upset voice, 'I don't know anything about what you are talking about - now leave me alone!' I sensed a tenseness and a nervousness in his voice, almost as if he were at one time coerced and coached into answering in that way. [I] wrote several letters to H.D. over a period of 18 months following the interview. He didn't answer any of them; but his daughter-in-law did finally come through with an answer. In a letter dated October 15th, 1982, Mrs. B.D. stated, 'My father-in-law is tired of receiving letters from you. He was not told to shut up by the Army. He is old, almost blind, and doesn't want to be bothered about that subject anymore!!'" [emphasis added]

Now, you could pick twelve people off any street in any town in North America, form an ad hoc jury, and ask them if Mr. Dunning could, by any stretch of the imagination, be characterised as a "witness to the Aztec incident"when he specifically denied that he had any knowledge, and they would look at the above and answer "No!"

And yet here was Steinman "misleading" (the polite word) Thomas Townsend Brown about what he had "found" during the Aztec "investigation." In fact, he had only one "witness," a person whom I will discuss in Part IV - but it wasn't Dunning!

Why, oh why, does Steinman have ANY credibility within ufology??

Incidentally, you may ask about Thomas Townsend Brown's response. Well, you won't find it in UFO Crash at Aztec, but here it is for the record, from his letter to Steinman dated 29 September, 1982 (which can be found at

"Dear Mr. S...

Your interest in UFO's is commendable but I am wondering if it is a bit futile. I myself have no evidence, even in recent years, that valid encounters have ever actually taken place. The thought, however, persists that there may be something to the stories. Only time will tell. For my part, I have never personally ever seen anything to support the rumours.

You ask if I ever had any part in the alleged UFO investigations near Aztec, N.M. The answer is definitely NO, your Dr. Gee must be someone else, for I don't even know of such investigations and, even now, question their authenticity.

Sorry I can be of so little help to you.


T. Townsend Brown"

Of course, in the strange, twisted world of William Steinman, the above letter would constitute proof positive that TTB was in fact Dr. Gee.

To be continued...

Paul Kimball

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