Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Greg Bishop Interview at Book of Thoth

Greg Bishop is the latest "New Frontiers Symposium speaker to be interviewed by the good folks at the Book of Thoth. You can check it out here.

An excerpt:

BoT: How’d you come to be involved with the New Frontiers Symposium?

GB: Paul Kimball and Mac Tonnies were on my show a few months ago. The freewheeling conversation drifted to the topic of what was wrong with Ufology and what might be done to change it. Someone suggested a conference with people WE wanted to hear, and to his eternal credit, Paul decided to do it. Since I was “present at the time of creative inspiration” I forced him to put me on the speakers’ slate, or face massive legal retaliation.
Yes, the truth is out - nobody invites Greg on his merits as a speaker; rather, we invite him because he threatens us.

He's the Russian mafia of ufology!

Paul Kimball

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Dustin said...

Greg was a lot of fun! I'm sure his talk's going to be great.