Thursday, February 09, 2006

Interim February Poll Results

The results to date for February's poll:

Which has discredited the serious study of the UFO phenomenon the most?

The Contactee Movement - 52 votes (38%)
The Condon Report - 42 votes (31%)
Majestic-12 - 26 votes (19%)
Exopolitics - 16 votes (12%)
Frank Scully's Behind the Flying Saucers - o votes (0%)

The poll is still open, until the end of the month. If you haven't voted already, you can do so here.

For the record, I voted for The Condon Report.

Paul Kimball


The Odd Emperor said...

I voted the Contactee Movement. But I was counting contemporary accounts into the mix as well as the ones out of the 1950s and 60s.

I don’t think many people remember the Condon Report, couldn’t vote for that.

I haven’t seen a copy of Behind the Flying Saucers for years, don’t think my public library even has one.

Paul Kimball said...


If you consider Exopolitics to be an extension of contactee-ism, as I do, you could argue that the vote for the Contactee movement is even higher.


The Odd Emperor said...

I actually don’t think so. Seems to me (and I could be mistaken) that most of the serious Exopolitic people are not abductee/contactees.

Exopollitics itself could be a bonified field of study *if* (and this is a big if,) the proponents dropped this idea that we are already in contact with alien civilization(s) and concentrate on the very real sociological implications of such an event.

Once we can establish with reasonable certainty that such contact has occurred, such thought experiments will be extremely useful. But approaching Exopollitics as if contact was already going on seems like shutting the barn door before the walls are put up.

Murph said...
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Murph said...

I also voted for the Condon report. (I've been studying the UFO phenomenon since I was in 4th grade in 1971.)
I think a lot of the contactee movement that can be best represented by the tales of George Adamski from the 50s(?) was not taken seriously by many in the media and government, so I don't think it did the damage that the Condon Report did.
The Condon Report conclusions gave the government, mainstream scientists, and journalists an "out". "See, the experts say there's nothing to this; no threat, etc."
The "giggle factor" then spread to not just the contactee movement, but ufology as a whole.