Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Exopolitical Nonsense, Vol. II

It just gets weirder and weirder in Exopolville, that small town right next to Cuckoo City on your Ufological map.

First, Steven Bassett claims that the reason Bill Clinton didn't bring about "disclosure" on the "truth" about the ET presence here on Earth was because he wanted to ensure Hillary had a shot at the Presidency (gee - what happened in 2004).

Not to be outdone in the silliness department, Michael Salla is now supporting the contention that the Marxist coup which overthrew Sir Eric Gairy, the Prime Minister of Grenada, in 1979, was a result of his efforts to promote "disclosure" about the ET presence here on Earth, through the United Nations. You can read the full silliness here. The relevant Salla excerpt is as follows:

"Here's a fascinating account of the political events surrounding Sir Eric Gairy who was the Prime Minister of Grenada (1974-79) and prime sponsor of a UN Resolution to study UFOs and extraterrestrial life that was adopted in 1978. 'Coincidentally', Sir Eric's government was 'overthrown' by a Marxist coup just as he was about to meet with UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim to further discuss ET/UFO related affairs in 1979. I think Wesly Bateman's account of Sir Eric is likely avery accurate account of what was happening behind the scenes in Sir Eric's profound exopolitical difficulties."

Ahh, good old Sir Eric. Ousted because of his prying into the question of the ET presence on Earth. Who knew?

For those of you out there who haven't completely lost your marbles, Gairy's ouster was a result of his despotic rule (Google "Eric Gairy" and "Mongoose " to see what I mean) and corruption. It had nothing to do with ET.

But this is how the exopols work - in their parallel bizarro world, where up is down, left is right, black is white, and "ring around the intellectual and historical rosey" is played until the (probably mutilated) cows come home, every event has an ET connection.

"Trust no-one, and nothing... unless it comes from us," they advise.

Yeah, right.

What next? Will they trot out a former Canadian Minister of Defence to state that UFOs are aliens because he read it in Phil Corso's The Day After Roswell?

Nah... no-one would be dumb enough to buy that.

Paul Kimball

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Kadium said...

Egos and liars,
Pleaders and triers.
What can one do,
if truth be won,
To keep you all honest,
and clean and true?