Friday, December 30, 2005

The Other Side of Truth - My Faves from 2005

Here are my favourite columns from the past year, in no particular order.

Combatting the Condon Effect - The Sturrock Gamit

How to Be a Real Whistleblower

Majestic 12 - R.I.P.

Dear Mr. Fulford

Ladies and Gentlemen - Meet the REAL Paul Hellyer

Ufology - Going... Going... Gone?

Ufology's Top 10

The End of "Roswellism" & The Creation of a Ufological Third Way

The UFO Phenomenon: Where... or When?

Whither Ufology?

GUEST COLUMN - No Flying Saucer Recoveries

The Galactic Barrows Boys

Frank Scully's "Barilko" Moment

Oh Canada - Wilbert Smith & UFOs

It's been an interesting ride. I've been called everything from a Christo-fascist to a neo-con, and a klasskurtzian debunker to a rampant narcissist. All of this has also been pretty amusing to those who really know me. :-)

On the flip side, as the sidebar shows, plenty of good people in and around ufology seem to like The Other Side of Truth. Again, all of this has been pretty amusing (in a different way than the critiques) to those who really know me. :-)

The critics are clearly bad people, evil-doers to the core. Boo, hiss! The fans are clearly good people, discerning, intelligent and thoughtful. Yay!

Seriously, though... oh, wait - I was being serious. Or was I??

All that I know is that I've been true to myself, and that's really all that matters. I've enjoyed presenting both the research and the opinions - and yes, even the narcissistic little bits about me and my world. Expect more of the same in 2006.

As Captain Kirk said, "it's been fun."

Happy New Year!

Paul Kimball


wrathful manjushri said...

your own fave columns written by yourself, complete with picture in profile? someone sure has a healthy ego.

Paul Kimball said...


The key word there is "healthy."