Friday, December 30, 2005

Belated Merry Christmas to The Kaiser

This one's for my good buddy, Will "The Kaiser" Fraser, currently ensconced in his manor house in Dorset, the United Kingdom. He was in Halifax for a visit in early December, and we had a ton of fun (as always). Better yet, I don't think we were thrown out of any bars. I'm not sure, given the amount of alcohol ingested, but I think we behaved ourselves... this time.

Must be getting old!

Anyway, J. S. Bach is his hero (I just can't seem to get him to buy into "Cartman-mania"), so hopefully, if you're reading, Herr Kaiser, you'll get a kick out of the Bach action figure (above), which can be purchased, along with all sorts of other cool goodies, at McPhee Toys, and which are allegedly made by Magic Pixies (which gives this all a tenuous paranormal connection).

Hopefully, like Arnie's Terminator, the Kaiser "will be bach."


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