Saturday, May 14, 2005

Bob Lazar's "Credentials"

Bob Lazar, he of the Area 51, Element 115, alien-government conspiracy, has never been able to produce a single shred of evidence to back up his various claims to degrees from places like MIT, and advanced professional qualifications. Needless to say, this calls his credibility into "question" (er, to put it very "politely").

Now, Michael Salla, who seems to have never met a "whistleblower" he didn't like, claims, as have others, against all logic and reason, that the government can completely erase a person's record, and that this is exactly what they did to Lazar. To this amazing allegation, I can only respond as follows:


Lazar, as Stan Friedman, I, and many others have pointed out, should have some record of his credentials. I, for example, am a lawyer (non-practising status). Want the proof? Here is my Nova Scotia Barristers' Society certificate from 1993. I also have my university degrees (Acadia, class of '89; Dalhousie, class of '92), my old yearbooks (I had more hair then), pictures of me with classmates from both my undergrad years and law school (often drunk), papers I wrote (with the notes on them from the professors), medals and awards won. I can produce invoices for every year over the past decade that I have paid the Barristers' Society my annual fees. And so on, and on, and on...

The government couldn't erase my past, even if they wanted to (note to the NSA / CIA / CSIS / MJ-12 / U-13 - this is NOT a challenge).

Even if they could get the universities, all of my old pals, the guy who ran the pizza place in Wolfville, N.S., where we got all of our food from (we ordered so much, we used to joke that we paid for the Audi he drove), etc., to lie (some of my pals would probably do it just to see me squirm a bit), I would be able to produce documentation to back up my claims (including the D- I got on a paper in intro French back in 1985, alas).


Nada. Zilch. Bupkus. Nothing. Rien (still working on my French...).

As Stan has said, he is a fraud, and his claims are "bunk." Anyone who believes him is just that - a "believer," in the worst possible sense of the term.

And yet, a new "article" making the rounds on the Internet (see Frank Warren's blog,, where he has posted a copy), asks the question if Lazar was right after all.

Will it never end...

Paul Kimball, BA (Hons), LL.B


RRRGroup said...


If you don't end up a victim of identity theft after this, I'd be very surprised.


Paul Kimball said...


I'm not sure anyone would want my identity, given all the debts that would come with it!


Anonymous said...

It really makes no sense to say that the government wiped out all the records everywhere when the individual should be able to show data such as diplomas, listings in alumni directories, commencement lists etc,to correct the government lies. Oops, I forgot that Lazar must have immediately trashed his diplomas and his theses, etc. Isn't science fiction wonderful.

Stan Friedman

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately you guys are only focusing on the parts of Bob's story you want to. I want you to explain how he went to the desert on 3 occasions and even took video with his friends who can corraborate his story and saw the crafts flying around all 3 times. How is it possible he new the test flight schedule. Can you take me to groomlake if I offered you $1 million dollars and show me a UFO on the day you take me. Can you explain the Ed Teller incident as a coincidence, the Mike Thigpen background check as a coincidence. The naval intelligence w-2 as a coincidence and there are many other coincidences, credible witnesses (George Knapp is a believer and he has certainly had nmore contact with Bob than you). Stan and everyone who disbelieves Bob will be disproven in time. I would bet it all that he did work there and saw what he did. Bob is a smart guy and why he made up the school thing is strange, but he worked there. Bob is rich now, not because of the ufo story, but because he was smarter than you guys, created united nuclear went all over the world to import rocks, teach science, create accounts, and has a scientific passion. What have you guys done on your own? What is your business called? What struggles have you overcome? When did your wife commit suicide? When did your other wife die? Who is calling you a liar when you are telling the truth?. People like to attack what they are jeolous of but Bobs actions and accomplishments since with constanr attacks has proved you for what you are, jeolous.

Paul Kimball said...

Yeah, right.

Fact: Lazar can't verify his claims about his background.

Logical conclusion: He's lying.

From there: He can't be trusted about anything else.

All you've done is prove your own stupidity (or, to be charitable, gullibility). I hate to be blunt, but I have to speak in the lingua franca of any particular reader, so there it is.


shortspeedsta said...

"absence of evidence is not evidence of absence"

Anonymous said...

Here we have a non practicing lawyer, fix your spelling, whom is attempting to discredit Bob Lazar's claims.

You say there is no evidence of his claims, do you have any evidence that he didn't partake in this activity? I am a Physics major, and doubt you have any prior knowledge of Physics, or what is even being discussed. You are just interested in the story. Funny how he passed several lie detector tests, funny how he just happens to know so much Physics, funny how no one can locate his records and had to actually track down the doctor who delivered him because they denied he was ever born. Funny how Los Alamos denied he worked there until they found his name listed in the directory, and then later confessed. I think there is so much you obviously don't know.

Stick to your day job, and leave science to the pros.

Paul Kimball said...

Physics major?? I'll believe that when I see some proof for it. In the meantime, your backing of Lazar's outlandish claims stands as proof that you are nothing of the sort.


Brian said...

If he's lying, why'd he pass, no ACE, polygraphs?

If he's lying, why did the zip code on his acclaimed W-2 leave Jim Goodal with a threat of being Court Marshaled when he presented it to the pentagon to look up? (Not to mention co-asides with MR-X's description of the DNI) ( Also, you can't 1090 a private government agency, so they would naturally have to provide a W-2)

But most importantly, If he's lying, what’s his benefit?

He's not milking it for fame, in fact, he seems to find fans to be annoying. He's not doing it for money - I've only heard he sold a tape for a short time(I haven't found any proof), and I also heard it was dirt cheap. And lastly, no respected scientist or physicist goes national telling people they worked on UFO's. It's a HUGE damper on your reputation!

It's easy to pass his story off as fake because of his lack of credentials, but when you look at the whole picture, it's pretty hard to say that he didn't do something secret for the government.

geauxp said...

I wish I could believe bob lazar but i feel i can't. If you lie about one thing you can lie about another.

Anonymous said...

The people in top-secret places trump you smart guy skeptics here. It's simple: They don't hire a scientist and then determine if his ID can be erased; they hire a scientist whose has an ID that is ERASE-able. In short, they do their homework FIRST.... then they get their man.

Anonymous said...

You don't get to work at places like Groom' without getting the highest checks and evaluations, 'They' are very careful who they hire and you get security personnel signed to you for the remainder of your employment. Bob gained nothing but trouble for sharing his experience, and I'm sure he has lied and withheld some information. some of that would probably be due to national security reasons. he shared his experience for people to hear. I'm sure Lazar doesn't care if people like you Paul don't believe him, If he did present credentials, you could easily say they are fake, and YES with the resources available and interests at stake, Lazar's employers can quite easily make records disappear, and keep people 'quiet' as they always have done. There is ample evidence to back up Lazar's claim's. The fact that he hasn't presented credentials isn't prove that Lazar is a fraud. It merely doesn't support his claim further.

Anonymous said...

Bob Lazar is a fake because Area 51 has nothing to do with UFO's.
Area 51 is most likely a gold mine.
Only time anyone spends all the energy to protect anything is when there is value. Even the most rare species of animal are only kept in a cage with a rent a cop at most protecting it. think about it.

Anonymous said...

This is more of the same, for me at least. Of course I can fully understand the degree of skepticism at play, we're talking sci-fi type claims, so if anything doesn't *jive* with the story, it can be dismissed like a house of cards.

But I have a hard time, either way. The conspiracy theorist mindset that I have adopted says, "sure, big brother can erase your history." Why? Because they wouldn't have selected an individual with too many ties, preferring individuals who can just 'disappear' (that is, if TV has taught us anything).

And I understand that Bob Lazar's life has changed for the worst after 'coming out' with the story, though never going back on his claims. Not evidence, but suggestive.

I can't close this book until there is evidence either way - and so far, there isn't. In fact, the few details that have surfaced, seem to indicate that at least SOME of his claims can be backed up - yet I haven't come across anything describing why these institutions have said one thing, only to flip flop after scraps of papers are found saying the opposite. Why haven't these institutions come under scrutiny, since their story's seem to be as *suggestive* as Bob's.

Personally, I think I still need that final nail in the coffin, or some kind of evidence that say's "here, see? he lied!" without ambiguity. (and of course, I want the evidence to say "Here, see? He truthed!")

Anonymous said...

well obviously you cant say you know much about area 51 if you've never even looked at its history. the theory about it being a gold mine is false you need to do some background check if you're going to say what it is get your facts straight. area 51 aka groom lake base is a top secret military base used for testing military planes and other exotic aircrafts and weopons. the thoery with bob lazar cannot be backed up if no one can even find his history. if the government did its job then finding a guy with eraseable history is a very valuable guy. the government wouldnt just hire someone with no background would they? how would we know if they would or not if we cant even get the sources needed to know this kind of thing. if lazar passed all those lie detectors then why is it so difficult to find any contact information on him or to even find out where he worked last or went to school last???

Anonymous said...

I find it difficult to believe Lazar but I also find it hard to believe that the government can't erase someone's past. They can steal whatever pieces that you have squirreled away and remove that. They can intimidate people you went to school with... if there were any... people like him often don't have any friends in school. Ridiculing people that believe his story to me seems dumb. That's the tactic used to shame people from believing in UFO's in the first place. In short I'm skeptical on this but I think the verdict's still out.

Guy said...

Bob Lazar' story is one of the stranger ones out there, relating to the whole UFO/alien thing. I think that it's been proven, beyond any reasonable doubt, that Lazar lied - at the very least - concerning his education. Lazar said he earned an advanced degree at MIT and wrote a thesis. I had to write an undergraduate thesis, years ago, and it is virtually impossible that no one remembers Lazar at MIT. Such papers (universally) have to be approved, in terms of subject matter and methodology, by an academic advisor. He would have worked closely with at least one (or more) faculty members while writing such a paper. There is not only an absence of any paper trail regarding Lazar's education, but virtually no one at MIT recalls ever having met Lazar. He has failed to provide as much as the name of one "study buddy". It's clear, I believe, to any sensible person that Lazar has fudged his academic resume.

On the flip side, myself and some co-workers (in 1994, during a UFO flap in Michigan) found ourselves underneath an enormous, triangular UFO that looked like nothing from this world - so, I'm pretty open minded in these matters. And a couple of people I worked with, apparently, did more than simply see this thing - that's a long story. It was only 100 feet off the ground, silent, and parked - this was not some stange light off in the distance.

Some of Lazar's story, strangely, is compelling. He took people to the desert where they observed the flight of a very strange craft, and, he passed a polygraph test. The unfortunate fact of the matter may simply be that the guy actually did work at Area 51, but, as Tom Mahood has suggested he's also a compulsive "bullshitter". As a consequence, his story about back engineering an alien spacecraft is, quite justifiably, viewed as dubious (at best) by most researchers. For me, it's remains a question - but I absolutely think he lied about his education. The larger, and obvious, question is this: if he lied about his education, can he be believed about anything else? I suppose it's possible - for many, it isn't.