Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Roswell Slides - What's 40 Years Between Friends?

In a post at the UFO Iconoclasts blog this past Friday, Roswell "Dream Team" member Anthony Bragalia, aka "This Author", made the following statement, under the heading "The Truth", with regard to the slides that supposedly show an alien body from the crash of an alien spacecraft near Roswell in 1947.
The stunning, historic photographs have been confirmed to have been  imaged on two Kodachrome slides dating from the year 1947, the year of the UFO crash. 
According to my "Dream Team" source, who we shall call Anonymous (hey, if Mr. Bragalia can make use of Anonymous sources, then so can I), this is absolutely not true.

My source informed me a couple of weeks ago as follows:
I got to looking at the documentation that had been given to me, and I asked how they had determined that the slides had been exposed in 1947. Was it chemical analysis? Was it some sort of measurement? How did they know? I got back an email that explained some things that would happen to authenticate the slides which confused me so I asked additional questions. The testing HAS NOT been done. The document sent to me was a "proposed way to issue the statement." The date was based on the codes on the film, which I had said to anyone who would listen meant nothing because anyone familiar with the Alien Autopsy would know the codes. So, they hadn't determined when the slides had been exposed other than the film had been manufactured in 1947 or 1927 or 1967. 
Yet again, Mr. Bragalia appears to be putting the cart well before the horse... or he and others appear to be withholding all the facts from one of their colleagues. Either way, quelle surprise!

Of course, I wouldn't have to post something like this if my Anonymous source would avail himself of the opportunity to correct Mr. Bragalia and set the record straight. But that's his call, not mine.

Paul Kimball

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