Friday, April 16, 2010

Lt. Col. Bruce Bailey's UFO Encounter

Most UFO researchers are aware of at least the basic details of the classic 1957 RB47 spy plane UFO encounter over Texas and Mississippi, which was voted the #1 “best evidence” UFO case by a panel of researchers in my 2007 documentary Best Evidence: Top 10 UFO Sightings. It isn’t the only UFO incident associated with what was at the time the highly classified RB47 aircraft. At the Other Side of Truth podcast I've uploaded a short clip of Lt. Col. Bruce Bailey, a highly decorated retired RB47 crew member, recounting his crew’s own UFO encounter during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the aftermath, and compares it the 1957 case.

Paul Kimball


alanborky said...

Paul, this isn't a criticism - and maybe it merely reveals how old fashioned I am - but I often prefer reading a transcript of pieces like this, sometimes because of difficulties being certain what someone's said, (due to, say, regional intonation or drops in volume, viz the controversy over Armstrong's actual words when first stepping on the moon), but also because it makes being misquoted - or worse, not being quoted at all! - less likely.

Just a thought.

Paul Kimball said...

Don't know what to say - those are Bailey's actual words, and they seem pretty clear to me. Besides, I can't afford a secretary to handle the transcription. :-)

nyc.rico said...

I both respect and admire the honesty of this serious military man. From personal experience I know UFO's exist. But to be as couragous as this officer is awe inspiring. His reputation and career were on the line and he chose truth. Sir you're my idea of a real American. Bless you and your family sir!